Carports are Just One of Our Products!

Metal Shelters: An Elephant Structures Brand

Since Metal Shelters is an Elephant brand, it shares the Elephant precision, man power, expertise, and products! Therefore, we can do more than provide you with a metal carport, we can also build you a barn!

A steel barn is essentially a garage or carport but with lean-tos attached to each of its sides, adding space and a higher degree of customization options. A steel barn is a fantastic structure for full customization because of these extra walls. You can create half walls on the top or bottom, gables, frame outs, garage doors, and more on each of its walls! Create stalls for horses or livestock, accompanied with storage areas, tack rooms, metal run-in shelters, and riding arenas! The options are endless for your metal barn when you work with Elephant Structures.

Metal Barn

You Still Retain All Other Custom Options Too!

Just because you want a barn doesn’t mean you should skimp on the other options available to you! Metal Shelters offers a vast range of other options for you to choose from such as colors, trim colors, styles, certifications, sizing, and accessories! We truly want you to be able to build the perfect metal barn for your home, commercial entity, or agricultural venture. With all of the customization available to you, the opportunity for you to create the perfect building is truly in your hands. We even have an online barn builder for your convenience. Use an enclosed barn for protective storage of barn equipment and valuables, or an open barn for comfortable parking areas for family and guests.

We have a vast amount of experience and skill in the metal building industry, along with a network of dealers, suppliers, and installers. This makes us the best in the market at providing top of the line customer service, a high quality product, and low prices. On top of it all, we offer free delivery and free installation, so call us today at (855) 227-7678!

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