Carports Can Have Two Uses at Once

On this blog we often talk about how carports and other metal buildings have all sorts of uses and functions that can satisfy all kinds of needs. Typically we’re talking about these functions being independent of each other; using your structure for one purpose at a time. Storing your car OR sheltering your lawn equipment, covering your dog kennels OR creating a shaded gardening area. But wouldn’t you prefer to own a metal structure that can work overtime for you, fulfilling two or more purposes at once? Elephant Structures Metal Carports can do just that.

Carports by Elephant Metal Shelters are VersatileCarports by Elephant Structures Can Serve Multiple Purposes at Once!

The photo above shows one of Elephant Metal Shelters’ carports, ready to perform double duty. This style carport-garage combination is the perfect option for individuals that only need a little bit of garage and a little bit of carport, but want to combine them for affordability, functionality, and aesthetic purposes. Big enough to store two large vehicles, you could use the garage portion of the structure as a small workshop or tool storage and still get the benefit of covered parking with the carport portion of the building. You could park your boat inside and use the exterior covered section as a porch or covered relaxation area. Need a motorcycle garage and a potting area for your plants? Our carports can handle that!

The possibilities really are endless with Elephant Metal Shelters carports, and we’re excited to hear what you plan on doing with your carport-garage combination building!

To receive a quote on combination Metal Shelters carports similar to the one seen above, or to speak with a sales representative to place your order over the phone, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. A Metal Shelters Expert will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you place your order if and when you’re ready.

Metal Structure Installation Time is Now!

No matter what you need a metal structure for, there is no doubt that spring and early summer are the best times to have one installed! By getting your structure ordered in April, you’ll be installed mid-summer and ready to put your building to use! Agricultural buildings can be made ready for harvest season, garages and carports can be prepared to face the cold fall and winter weather to come, and storage buildings can have contents piled into them before the weather gets too cumbersome to move a lot of stuff around.

Metal Structure by Elephant Metal Shelters

Get a quote on a metal structure now and buy sooner than you thought!

With Metal Shelter’s metal structure builder, you can get an instant quote on the ideal custom metal structure for you and your intended use! There are no forms to fill out, no personal information to give, just enter the zip code that our installers will construct your building in and design away! That’s really all there is to it. Our quote generator will update the price of your building with every customization option that you choose, making it simple to stick to your budget and see what options might cost you.

Because spring and summer are our peak metal structure ordering times, you will definitely receive your structure faster than if you ordered in the fall or winter. First of all, there aren’t any snow or ice delays that often accompany cold-weather installations. Second of all, the more orders that we have going out, the sooner yours will arrive to you as we fill up trucks going to specific locations and install them geographically. Your best bet for a quick metal structure installation would definitely be to order right around now.

If you’re ready to order your metal structure, or if you have some questions or want to be walked through the process, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’re more than happy to work with you to get you the metal structure that you’ve always wanted!

Steel Pavilion Building Permits

Building a steel pavilion is a great, thoughtful idea. What better way to encourage people to get outdoors and socialize! From concerts and barbecues to birthday parties and basketball games, a steel pavilion is truly a multipurpose facility that will benefit any community or property. But what happens when a permit is required to build a structure in your area? What steps does this add to the process of getting your steel pavilion delivered and installed?

Steel Pavilion by Elephant Metal Shelters

Obtaining a Permit to Build a Steel Pavilion or Other Structure

To find out if a permit is required in your area to build a nonresidential building on your property, you should start by calling your city and/or county officials to ask about building codes. Though it may seem as though building a relatively small structure on your own property would be your own decision, that is rarely the case. Your city or county offices will be able to answer all questions relating to permits and the steps involved in obtaining them.

If a permit is required in your area, you will need to purchase a certified structure from us. What that means is that your steel pavilion or other metal structure comes with engineered drawings of your custom structure that you may submit to your county or city to fulfill the building permit requirements. Your steel pavilion will be made from extra-durable 12-gauge steel, and will have higher wind ratings and snow load ratings than if it were not certified.

Before you call about ordering a steel pavilion, go ahead and call your city or county to find out if you need a building permit to satisfy any building codes that may exist. When you have that information, you can give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. Armed with that information, we can give you more accurate price quotes for the structure that you’re looking to build.

Carport Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re getting ready to purchase a carport or other steel building for your home or business. We want you to be able to spend less time on the parts of the process that don’t matter as much and be able to focus your attention on the more important factors that will affect your structure most. Here is our list of things to do and not to do when buying a steel carport (or other metal building).

Metal Carport by Elephant Metal Shelters

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carport Buying

Do: your research! (Don’t skimp on this step!) There are tons of companies and products out there, some of which you might not even know existed.

Don’t: take any claims as fact until you have explored all available avenues and know that a carport (or whatever type of building you choose) is the right option for you.

Do: Find out what building materials are used by the companies that you are looking into. Building materials can greatly affect the price of your carport or other structure, and a $1,000 wooden structure is NOT the same as a $1,000 steel structure.

Don’t: Purchase a carport or building without finding out how much delivery and installation are going to cost you. At Elephant Structures, we offer free delivery and installation with every purchase, but many companies do not, or they offer one or the other. Know what you’re getting into!

Do: decide how much space you have to build your structure. This will help immensely when it comes time to talk to a representative about how much your structure will cost. It really does depend on how big it is.

Don’t: waste your time filling out quote forms! At Elephant Structures, we have a patented buildID system on each of our websites (Metal Shelters, and Elephant Barns) that will allow you to price your structure from home, in real time, and receive an instant quote on your carport or building without having to fill in any forms! Just enter the zip code that your structure will be installed in and go!

If you’re ready to start your research, or if you’ve already completed that step and want to move forward with your carport or other steel building purchase, give Elephant Structures a call at 855-car-port. We’re more than happy to help you no matter where you are in the process!

Metal Building Kit Prices

Despite what the big box home improvement stores may have you believe, metal building kit prices are actually incredibly affordable! We’re not talking about a metal building kit that is created in a cookie cutter factory for a one-size-fits-all customer; we’re talking about a fully customizable metal building kit for a structure that is designed by YOU the buyer!

Metal Building Kit Utility Carport/Garage Combo

Metal Building Kit Prices are Affordable!

Let’s face it; metal building kits that you find in the chain stores aren’t very cheap. Taking that into account, logic would indicate that a kit that was customized to your exact specifications (be it color, length, height, door size, etc.) would be outrageously overpriced. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. Elephant Structures’ metal building kits are incredibly affordable, despite their highly customizable nature, and are more durable, long-lasting, and attractive than their pre-boxed cookie-cutter counterparts.

The other great thing about an Elephant Structures metal building kit is that we offer FREE delivery and installation of every structure purchased. That means you don’t have to worry about renting a big truck to transport your purchase from factory to your property, and you don’t have to slave away in the oncoming summer to get it built; we do all the grunt-work for you! If you’d prefer to install it yourself, you are certainly welcome to do so. We do warn that our pieces are not pre-drilled and our kits do not come with instructions, so it really is best (in most cases) to take advantage of the free installation that each metal building kit comes with.

Check our our metal building kit pricing tool here, or call 855-CAR-PORT to place an order or speak directly with a customer service representative. Our kits are available for carports, barns, garages, sheds, rv covers, boat covers, and a variety of other functions.

Steel Park Shelter Location Ideas

A steel park shelter is a great resource for organizations or parks departments looking to attract more people to certain areas. As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” People love park shelters because they offer space to gather, whatever the weather.

Green Steel Park Shelter by Elephant Metal Shelters

Pick a Strategic Spot for Your Steel Park Shelter!

By strategically choosing a space for your steel park shelter, you can ensure that people visit where you want them to visit, and that you will provide adequate shelter in the places that people already love to frequent.

Be sure to put a steel park shelter around any playgrounds that you may have! Playgrounds mean children, which mean family or group gatherings. Large groups and families will appreciate the space to be able to get out of the rain, have a family picnic lunch out of the sun, or just be able to sit in the shade and relax in the middle of playtime.

Another great place for a steel park shelter is around any bodies of water your property may have. Waterfront is great for swimming, fishing, skipping rocks, boating, and is just a natural people-attractant. Give people a covered space to enjoy the water without being exposed to extreme sun and weather. Your shelters will also be appreciated by storm lovers that enjoy watching water churn in the event of heavy rain.

Finally, make sure there is at least one steel park shelter near your parking lots. Often, people just want to hop out of the car and eat when they get to a park. Carrying coolers full of drinks and heavy picnic baskets can be a burden on your patrons. The less they have to walk, the better!

Make sure you put enough trashcans in your shelters and have employees to come and remove the trash periodically. Avoiding litter by encouraging the proper disposal of waste is just that easy.

H3 here with steel park shelter

Build a Metal Shelter You’re Proud Of

If you’re hoping to build a metal shelter this spring or summer, you’re probably doing your research on companies, offerings, and outdoor building options right about now. As you know, there are a lot of options out there for you to choose from; canvas covers, wooden barns, aluminum sheds, and galvanized steel structures. When it comes down to it, you have to choose to build a shelter that you’re proud of, that will represent you, your business, and your property to all who see it. So what’s the best option?

Build a Metal Shelter like this one with Elephant Structures.

It Can Be Rewarding to Build a Metal Shelter!

Build a metal shelter. No, really. You should. Canvas and wood options can be cheap in the short term, but when you figure in the cost of maintenance and shortened life-span of those products, you’ll see that they just aren’t financially sustainable. When you choose to build a metal shelter with Elephant Structures, you’re choosing an incredibly durable, galvanized steel structure that looks great too. You’re not picking out a cookie cutter building from the top shelf of a home improvement store, you’re getting a building that is uniquely yours, a building that will continue to last long after you’re gone. Build a metal shelter for your property, business, or family. With unbeatable wind and snow ratings, steel’s functionality and strength are unmatched by other building materials.

Elephant Metal shelters is here for you. Whether you know exactly what you want, or if you’re still debating whether or not to build a metal shelter, please give us a call! We can answer any questions that you may have, advise you on features that may be right for you, and we’re a pretty friendly bunch, too! 855-CAR-PORT gets you a toll-free conversation with a (friendly!) metal shelters expert. Build a metal shelter, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Metal Structure Upkeep

Your decision to buy a metal structure was a sound one. No, really. Metal structures require almost no upkeep to keep them looking nice and new. Since they are made completely of a thick, galvanized steel, you don’t need to worry about them rusting, leaking, rotting, warping, chipping or weakening over time. You’ve got a great metal structure for life. Here’s a list of optional tips (they’re optional because your metal structure is going to hold up and look great no matter what!) for cleaning and maintaining your metal structure.

Metal Structure by Elephant Metal Shelters

Optional Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Structure

1. Get any loose debris off the roof. Leaves, tennis balls, sticks, frogs; you name it, it’s time to remove it!

2. Spray it down with a high-pressure hose. This will loosen and remove any built up dirt, bird poop, or other residual gunk that might have collected on your barn doors, walls or roof over time.

3. Wipe down the inside walls and clear out the cobwebs. Even if it looks great on the outside, if its yucky inside, how are you going to feel good about storing and sheltering things there?

4. Wax highly visible areas that might have dulled in shine over time. This will keep your metal structure looking shiny and fresh and will keep the paint or exposed metal looking great.

5. Organize the contents of your structure. It may seem like a no-brainer, but the neater the inside of your structure is, the more likely you are to care about maintaining it and taking pride in it! A little clean-up and reorganization never hurt anyone :)

 If you don’t already have a metal structure, give Elephant Structures a call at 855-CAR-PORT. Our metal structure experts can help you figure out which of our affordable metal structures is right for you.

Picnic Shelter Customization

The weather is beautiful outside (at least around the Elephant Structures office!), and more than likely you’re thinking about spending more time outdoors. We recently blogged about the great benefits of a picnic shelter, so we thought it would be great to accompany that by writing a blog on all the things you can do to make your picnic shelter a great place to hang out and have a BBQ!

Picnic Shelter by Elephant StructuresPicnic Shelter 101

  1. Invest in great picnic tables. The ground is great for an impromptu picnic, but you’ve got an awesome new picnic shelter; utilize it correctly! We recommend something sturdy, either treated wood or a durable metal. You might also want to purchase removable bench cushions for added comfort.
  2. Decide whether or not you want to install an in-slab permanent grill. If you’re going to have picnics, you’ve got to have a grill! A great permanent solution is installing a charcoal grill directly into the concrete slab when it is being poured for your picnic shelter. You might decide to keep your options open, though, and go with a portable grill. This will allow you the opportunity to use your picnic shelter for other functions in the future, if you so choose.
  3. Think about outdoor fixtures. Going to be grilling out a lot? Install outdoor cabinets and counters for ease of use and storage. If you really want to get fancy, think about a sink as well. This will allow you more freedom and ease of cleanup, and you will have a source of water close by in case you should need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about a picnic shelter from Elephant Metal Shelters, check out the main section of our website, or you can call us at 855-CAR-PORT to speak with a live customer service representative. Hurry, summer is on its way!

Carports for Commercial Use

Commercial Carports by Elephant StructuresCarports can be extremely valuable to businesses for a variety of reasons. You put a lot of money into your vehicles, why would you expose them to the elements? If you’re using your business vehicles as maintenance mobiles or have wraps on them, you have to take extra care. Wraps essentially make your vehicle a driving billboard for your business; if your billboard is beat up, dented and dinged, what is that saying about your organization?

Carports are great at protecting your vehicles, equipment, and other stored items from weather and falling debris. They prevent harmful damaging sun rays from beating down on your vehicles, which can quickly fade paint jobs or interiors. Overnight hail damage and bird poop are a thing of the past! Elephant Metal Shelters carports are a great way to make sure your professional vehicles continue to look professional.

In addition to our array of 12 mix-and-match color options, we’re able to offer half-walls, gables, open walls, as well as full walls on our carports, so the customization is completely up to you and you’re able to design your structure with your personal needs and wants in mind. We have auger anchors as well as certified options available, so if you’re concerned about wind ratings or snow load ratings, we’ve got you covered! Whether you have dirt, concrete, or some other kind of ground surface, our teams of professional installers will be able to install your custom carports quickly and efficiently, more often than not in a day or less!

Check out Elephant Metal Shelters’ Carports for Businesses Today!

To consult with a metal shelters expert about your need for carports, industrial steel garages, or other metal buildings, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORTS. We’re excited to be able to help you and your business achieve your goals!

Metal Pavilion – The Space for Every Occasion

An Elephant Structures Metal Pavilion

Invest in a metal pavilion to serve the needs of your business!

metal pavilion is a building that can be used for every occasion! Businesses can benefit from its versatile uses years after the initial purchase. Our pavilions are made of incredible strong, durable galvanized steel (a choice of 12 or 14 gauge steel is available) and are ready to bear the brunt of the work you’re needing them to do! Your business may choose to use the space for storage of supplies, vehicles, products, animals, or other goods underneath. Our metal structures are weatherproof, rust proof, will not rot, or warp, and can be depended on to store even the most important of business supplies. We also have a variety of 12 colors available for your metal pavilion, so you can match your structure to your pre-existing buildings (or not, we love a little creativity!).

The Elephant Metal Shelters metal pavilion is also great to use as a gathering space. Employees that work outdoors can take sheltered breaks underneath the space, or they can have an area to gather when it rains or during other extreme weather conditions. If your business is more corporate-office-centered, employees will love the option to enjoy nice weather and eat or conduct light business outside. When its time to have a company picnic or team-building event, you’ve already got the perfect location; your metal pavilion! Productivity will increase, and your employees will thank you again and again. A metal pavilion is the perfect solution to plenty of common business problems!

Go ahead, explore what a metal pavilion could do for your business or property. Think about all the functionality a pavilion could offer you (now, or in the future!). When you’re done dreaming about the possibilities, give Elephant Structures a call (855-CAR-PORT). We’re excited to help you make your dream into a reality.

Metal Shelter Kit for Ease of Installation

A metal shelter kit is a great option for people who are looking to purchase a large metal building but that may prefer to build it themselves. Our regular metal shelter kit comes with all the major pieces that you will need to construct your steel structure, and they are all sold with free delivery! Get that great DIY rush without the hassle! When you buy with Elephant Metal Shelters, you can rest easy knowing that you got the most barn for your buck.

Spring has sprung in most of the country, and people everywhere are getting ready to take on their big outdoor projects for the year. Take advantage of this great weather and order your metal shelter kit early! The sooner you get it installed, the sooner you, your family, business, friends, or others can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Imagine how great it’ll be to sit back in the hotter months while your friends and neighbors labor outside in the sweltering temperatures! Sip that lemonade and admire your work; guaranteed to make them jealous.

A metal shelter kit from Elephant Structures is a great alternative to DIY.

 An Elephant Metal Shelter Kit is an Affordable DIY Option!

Before you buy, make sure to consult with an Elephant Metal Shelter Kit customer service representative. They will educate you further on our metal shelter kit offerings as well as all the other information you will need to make the best decision for you and your building. We often find that customers purchase our structures with the intention of installing them by themselves, but ultimately take advantage of our FREE delivery and installation offered with every purchase. It is just too good a deal to pass up!

For more information on purchasing a metal shelter kit, you can call us toll-free at 855-CAR-PORT. We have Metal Shelter Experts available to answer all of your questions and help you place your order when you’re ready.

Metal Carports for Businesses

Metal carports have been a wonderful solution for home vehicle storage since their creation. The durability and minimal footprint of the carport is tough to match, and steel has long been reigning as the king of metals to build with. Businesses are jumping on the carport bandwagon now, faster than ever, utilizing the amazing form and function that they are able to provide.

Metal Carports for Businesses by Elephant Structures

No matter what kind of business you own, there is a use for metal carports. Service-based businesses can park their utility vehicles underneath, corporate businesses can provide sheltered visitor parking, and any type of business can provide its employees with an added perk of parking that is protected from the elements. Metal carports can shelter maintenance equipment like tractors or golf carts, and they make excellent dumpster and recycling covers for smaller businesses. Because they are rust and rot-free, metal carports require little to no upkeep, making them an incredibly smart investment that will pay for itself again and again.

Metal Carports can be customized specifically for your organization!

With the ability to customize each carport to your exact specifications, you could feasibly have many different looking carports for many different purposes! Visitor parking could have fully enclosed sides for extra protection, service vehicle parking could have completely open sides and a higher gauge steel for increased ruggedness and accessibility, and employee parking could have a flashy color for added aesthetic value. The possibilities really are endless, and each metal carport installed will increase the value of your organization’s property as well, leaving no reason *not* to order metal carports for your business’ use!

 If you’re interested in learning more about ordering metal carports or other steel structures for your business, give us a call, toll-free, at 855-CAR-PORT. We’d love to discuss business options with you and share prior business success stories that you may be interested in hearing.


Picnic Shelter: A Valuable Investment

40' Wide Elephant Structures Picnic Shelter

Many people recall their best memories as being among friends, family, or general good company. Whether everyone is enjoying a good BBQ, an amazing band, or simply sitting and chatting and soaking in the fresh air, a steel picnic shelter is a valuable investment for any family, business, or organization.

An Elephant Metal Shelters picnic shelter is sure to provide your family, patrons, employees, friends (or whoever else!) the opportunity to gather and be together for years to come. Able to be secured to the ground with incredibly strong auger anchors, your steel picnic shelter will be able to withstand all kinds of extreme weather during the seasons when it is not practical to use, ensuring that it will be just as you left it as soon as spring blooms and everyone wants to get outside again!

Every business owner knows that it is important to keep their employees happy; happy employees are productive employees. Give your workers a place to gather on nice days for their lunch breaks, a place for them to bring their kids on the weekends, or a place to celebrate birthdays outdoors! A picnic shelter is a one time investment  that will pay for itself in employee satisfaction and productivity.

What’s a park without a picnic shelter?! BBQs and birthday parties are summer staples for parks, and rather than having park-goers scramble to find benches or tables to set their food on, or leave when it rains, why not provide them with a little bit of shelter and plenty of covered seating? Pavilions are a wonderful addition to any outdoor area and can be used for anything from team-building activities to outdoor wedding receptions.

A picnic shelter is also a great option for families with a lot of land, or a lot of family members! Get out of the house and let the kids run around the back yard while you prepare a delicious hamburger lunch under the shade of your Elephant Structures steel picnic shelter. If the sun is too hot (or even if it rains!) you can stay safe, dry, and happy while still getting out of the house for a bit.

If you would like to discuss your picnic shelter or other metal building options with a Metal Buildings Expert, please give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’re happy to share more information with you, or help you place your order if you’re ready!

Certified vs. Non-Certified

If you’ve spoken to one of our Metal Shelters experts over the phone or through e-mail, you may have had them ask you if you’re interested in a certified structure. What exactly is a certified structure, and what is the difference between it and our standard buildings?

A certified structure has a frame that is built of our extra-strength 12-gauge galvanized steel. 12-gauge is 30% thicker than its standard 14-gauge counterpart and comes with an additional warranty that the 14-gauge does not have. That being said, our 14-gauge frame is still an excellent, strong choice for those who do not need or want to certify their building.

Certified buildings are also different, in that they have a minimum wind rating starting at 80 mph and a snow-load rating starting at 20 lbs per square foot. Depending on your geographic location, you may wish to increase these ratings, so it is great to know that certified buildings have the ability to be rated up to a 150 mph wind rating and a 60 lbs per square foot snow rating. This is something worth mentioning up-front to your Metal Shelters expert when placing your order.

Typically, our customers choose a certified structure when they are in need of a building permit to have their purchase constructed. Often, states will require engineered drawings of buildings that are being constructed, and these drawings come free of charge when you choose an Elephant certified structure. Whether or not you need a building permit is dependent upon your geographical location, and it is best to check with your county officials in order to determine if there is such a need.

If you’re still confused about the difference between a certified structure and a non-certified structure, feel free to give one of our Metal Shelters experts a toll-free call at 855-CAR-PORT. They’re here to help, and they would love to talk you through any questions you may have!

Metal Shelters For Any Purpose

Elephant Metal Shelters Structure w/ 3 Garage Doors

Big, important business needs call for big, important business-quality buildings. Whether you’re looking to store equipment, livestock, vehicles, or serve some other purpose for your company, we have the metal shelters to meet your needs.

At Elephant Structures, we pride ourselves on being able to provide quality steel buildings and metal shelters to our very diverse group of customers. We install all across the continental United States and have all sorts of customers whose unique business and personal needs that we’ve served. At face value, we offer quality carports, garages, steel barns at an affordable price. Dig a little deeper and you might be interested to find that our customers also use our metal shelters for a variety of incredibly creative purposes like:


-Boat covers

-Motorcycle garages

-Porch covers

-Kennels and dog-run covers

-18-wheeler and RV storage

-Parcel van / truck storage


-Rabbit / small animal enclosure covers

-Potting sheds

-Dock shelters

-Picnic / park shelters

With all of these different functions and endless possibilities for more, your business will surely be able to find use after use for your Elephant Metal Shelters. Our galvanized steel structures are designed to protect the contents of your metal shelter from wind, rain, hail, extreme sun, falling debris, and a host of other common outdoor damage-causing factors. Best of all, every single one of our metal shelters are sold with free delivery and installation, making the process easier for you and your organization (though we do offer kits for self installation if you are interested)!

To begin the design process, head over to our metal shelters building design system to create your ideal steel structure and receive a free, instant quote. If you’d rather speak with a live metal shelters expert, you can call us toll-free at 855-CAR-PORT and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions or place your order for you.

Metal Shelters are Better than Canvas Covers

Metal ShelterThere is no doubt that a metal carport, made with a galvanized 14 gauge steel 2.5″ tube frame and metal roofing and siding with a baked enamel finish, is better than a canvas canopy shelter. According to a recent review of a brand name canvas shelter company, “First of all, the poles on the canvas shelter are only 1 3/8″… secondly, the poles are split in sections which seemly reduce the strength of the structure… and thirdly, the canvas top is so cheap and fits so loosely that there are major gaps; the company included bungee cords to connect the canvas to the frame.”

Another review of the same canvas canopy showed that the shelter failed in only one rain despite adding the cost of an extra stake kit.

While there is a place for temporary canvas canopies, consumers will get more for their money by buying a metal carport or metal shelter. From a thicker gauge steel to a heavy duty metal roof to protect your car, truck, and other vehicles from heavy rains, hail, sleet, snow, and wind, a metal carport is affordable, durable, maintenance-free, and will last for many years to come. Get an instant quote online at and see why so many people are choosing metal shelters over canvas shelters.

If you would like to talk to a human, please call Elephant Structures toll-free at (855) CAR-PORT, that’s 855-227-7678.


Elephant Structures offers metal buildings, carports & garages

Elephant Structures, a leader in the metal building space, is proud to announce the launch of, a website geared toward personal, business and commercial metal buildings. Whether you are looking for a one or two car metal carport cover, a fully enclosed garage with electric garage doors, or a large metal building to store inventory or to use as a production facility, Elephant provides a real-time quote system for buyers to build and price custom structures. Options include changing dimensions, frame styles, roof styles, colors, and a variety of windows, walk-in and garage door selections that may be changed easily online using Elephant Structures’ BuildID system.

Visit for more information or give our metal experts a call at (855) 227-7678 or (336) 793-8337.

Elephant Structures Launches new Website,

Elephant Structures announces the newest website designed to help metal building buyers purchase metal covers, metal shelters, metal carports, metal garages, and metal barns for their home or business use. To learn more about, visit the website or give a metal building expert a call at (336) 793-8337 or toll-free at (855) 227-7678. Elephant uses it’s BuildID™ system, a WYSIWYG online tool that allows buyers to change dimensions, change colors, add garage doors, add walk-in doors, add windows, and so much more.