Level Building Site

Is your building site level or does it need to be leveled?

Level building site

You are going through your check list to make sure you have everything lined up to get your new metal structure. You have your order placed, your permit pulled, and payment ready to go. Now what? In order for our installers to construct your metal building as efficiently as possible giving it the most stability your building site must be level!

If your site is NOT level do not panic; it can be off within 4″. It can also be dramatically off from SIDE to SIDE ONLY! If your building is shorter on one side than the other the legs can be cut to make it as level as possible. Keep in mind that the building can NOT be dramatically un-level from FRONT to BACK!

Having a structure on a site that is not level can sometimes hurt the structures integrity and cause run offs in the wrong places.


Custom Metal Barn

Protection, storage, and workshop are three key uses for your Elephant Structures metal barn.

A metal barn can be used for protecting your lawn and farm equipment or even livestock against harsh storms, the cold of winter, the heat of summer, and everything in between. Your metal barn could be used as storage for your RV, boat, or even hay. It can also be used as a workshop or covered work area. The opportunity use for your barn is not limited to these options and the greatest part of a metal barn is that it can be used for all three; protection, storage, and a workshop!

Do you need protection, storage, and a workshop? That’s not a problem for Elephant Structures metal barns! With our barn structures the possibilities are endless.

Elephant Structures has the most economical solution with barns starting as low as $2530 a much lower price than that of a wooden barn.

They are made of steel meaning there is no maintenance or upkeep and if you decide you want your metal barn somewhere else it can be moved or completely removed. With the lean-to’s attached to the building wind will not be a factor because of the wide base.

Inside the metal barns there is a lot of bracing and space involved making your layout options limitless. You could use the main section as the center alley way with stables or storage on either side. Another option would be to make the barn into three separate sections with a garage door to each segment.

To make things even better Elephant Structures has three different barn styles for you to choose from! These include the County barn, Ridge Line barn, and the Valley barn, all containing unique characteristics.

County Barn

Metal Barn

Click the image to order a County barn just like the one shown!


The County Barn for Elephant Structures is also sometimes referred to as a Horse Barn. Although it is an ideal option for any use. Along with being the most economical design it is extremely strong with a great finishing detail. It has a regular roof style with horizontal panels.

Ridge Line Barn

Ridge Line Barn

Click the image to order a Ridge Line barn just like the one shown!

The Ridge Line barn has an incredible trim detail to add to the appearance of your barn. This metal barn has the appearance of a traditional barn accompanied by an angled roof for powerful presence. It includes a boxed eve roof and is built for ruggedness.

Valley Barn

Valley Barn Metal Structure by Elephant Metal Shelters

Click the image to order a Valley Barn just like the one shown!

Last but not least the Valley Barn is a very spacious structure with a vertical roof style. It is one of the most sturdy and durable structures build.

All of the metal barns from Elephant Structures come with interior bracing that could vary depending on state and certifications.


RV Carport

It’s your home away from home, your meals on wheels, and your never ending diary for memories. Not only does your RV or motor coach have sentimental value but, also a high monetary value. Why not protect it from the unpredictable elements, including but not limited to, wind, snow, rain, and heat, with a completely customized RV Carport? Don’t pay ridiculous prices for inconvenient storage in a far off facility. Instead customize your RV Carport to a size and color to match your specific needs that can be located wherever it best suites you!



“I feel much better knowing my toy-hauler is out of the sun, rain, and snow. Very well built structure!”

Starting at a low price of $1,295, our made-to-order RV carports are manufactured completely out of galvanized steel creating an affordable but more important a durable structure. We offer a wide range of dimensions and have 12 different metal colors to choose from! You could even match your RV carport to the colors on your RV. The best part about protecting your RV is the custom metal carport is delivered and installed using grade eight bolts FREE of charge!

Along with free delivery we also offer a certified structure option. If you are in need of a building permit or have specific wind or snow-load ratings in your area when you are customizing your order click the “certified” button on the BuildID system. We recommend checking with your town or county ahead of time to be prepared.

Now, are you ready to customize a shelter for your rolling retreat? Head on over to www.metalshelters.com and start today! For more information or immediate assistance we have a team of professional sales and engineers on hand and ready to help you as best as they can. Call us toll free at (855) CAR-PORT or (855) 227-7678.