Environmental Steel Facts

Steel, a Great Material to Work With

It is common knowledge that as an Elephant Structures brand, we deal in steel. The range of products we provide our customers are all built with it due to its durability, affordability, and ease of customization & construction. However, something that doesn’t get talked about often is how steel is actually pretty awesome to use if you’re trying to be environmentally friendly. A few of steel’s characteristics that make it a “green” product compared to other building materials are:

-Steel is 100% recyclable, and upon being recycled, it doesn’t lose its strength or durable characteristics. This means you can take old steel, and make it into a new building without wasting more resources! It also reduces energy consumption!

-Since our structures are prefabricated at an offsite location, and then brought to you in easy-to-assemble pieces, no machinery is needed, and labor is used minimally. This saves energy, time, and resources.

-Steel buildings require less heating and cooling to maintain room temperature, as air flow is easier to control. For further air flow control, our buildings are easily insulated, which saves even more on HVAC costs and reduces energy consumption.

-Where other materials break down, rot, or need upgrades to structural support, steel needs none. You will use less materials and energy on the lifetime of a steel building, where a wood building will need to be replaced in the future (or at least parts of it).

steel carport

Save Trees, Use Steel!

To us, steel is the obvious winner. That’s why it’s the main ingredient in all our building designs. If you are in need of a building that protects your assets, and you’re interested in being more environmentally friendly, we want to help you reduce your carbon footprint! Give us a call at (855) 227-7678, and check out our online builder for design options and real-time pricing!



Add Walls and You’ve Got a Metal Garage!

What’s the Difference Between a Carport and Garage?

The answer is, walls!! A garage is a carport with walls that enclose the structure! If you want extra protection from damaging weather and potential criminal activity, a metal garage is the solution. Our steel is a thick 14 gauge, and can be upgraded to the more durable 12 gauge at your discretion. Our security options are plentiful. Along with the option to upgrade to 12 gauge steel, we offer certification opportunities and auger anchors. Our buildings are amazingly useful for protection of valuables, and you can add as many garage doors, with customizable sizes, to your structure as long as space is permitting. Don’t rely on a wooden building for your protective needs. Use an expertly crafted metal building as your storage unit.

Metal Garages can be More than Just Storage

Green Metal Shelter w/ 3 Garage DoorsUse your garage as a workshop or automotive repair shop! We know that no two wood workers or auto repair junkies are the same. This logic is the fundamental reasoning behind our entire business model! We want to let you design the perfect building for your specific needs. Build yours with space for work benches, table saws, tool storage, and more!

Elephant Structures’ Metal Shelters

We are a proud member of the Elephant family of metal building products. As an Elephant Structures brand, we are lucky enough to have the expertise, workmanship, customer service, and manufacturing technology that all Elephant brands share. We want to use these resources to bring you, our customer, a fantastic experience and an amazing product. This dedication to customer service is an Elephant mission, and is well-known throughout the country. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our helpful team members, please give us a call at (855) 227-7678. We’re always ready to help you design, manufacture, deliver, and install your dream building!

Carports are Just One of Our Products!

Metal Shelters: An Elephant Structures Brand

Since Metal Shelters is an Elephant brand, it shares the Elephant precision, man power, expertise, and products! Therefore, we can do more than provide you with a metal carport, we can also build you a barn! A steel barn is essentially a garage or carport but with lean-tos attached to each of its sides, adding space and a higher degree of customization options. A steel barn is a fantastic structure for full customization because of these extra walls. You can create half walls on the top or bottom, gables, frame outs, garage doors, and more on each of its walls! Create stalls for horses or livestock, accompanied with storage areas, tack rooms, metal run-in shelters, and riding arenas! The options are endless for your metal barn when you work with Elephant Structures.

Metal Barn

You Still Retain All Other Custom Options Too!

Just because you want a barn doesn’t mean you should skimp on the other options available to you! Metal Shelters offers a vast range of other options for you to choose from such as colors, trim colors, styles, certifications, sizing, and accessories! We truly want you to be able to build the perfect metal barn for your home, commercial entity, or agricultural venture. With all of the customization available to you, the opportunity for you to create the perfect building is truly in your hands. We even have an online barn builder for your convenience. Use an enclosed barn for protective storage of barn equipment and valuables, or an open barn for comfortable parking areas for family and guests.

We have a vast amount of experience and skill in the metal building industry, along with a network of dealers, suppliers, and installers. This makes us the best in the market at providing top of the line customer service, a high quality product, and low prices. On top of it all, we offer free delivery and free installation, so call us today at (855) 227-7678!

Metal Shelters Are Great Boat Storage Units

Convenient Boat Storage Building at Your Home!

Boating season is fantastic. Family and friends, cruising around on the water, enjoying food and drinks. The sun is out, and tubing and water skiing will be had be all. It really doesn’t get much better on a Summer afternoon. However, it can be a hassle. If you have to drive to a marina to retrieve your boat, it could complicate things, as it usually takes a good bit of time. Also, marina fees are a pain, and completely unnecessary. In the end, do you even want someone else storing your boat? Do you trust them? What if they damage it?

metal shelter boat storage

Eliminate the Marina with a Metal Shelter from Elephant Structures

A metal shelter or steel carport from Elephant Structures is the solution to all your boat storage needs. Incredibly durable, they can be certified to withstand extreme weather, you can count on your metal building to protect your baby. When it comes time to take the family out for a spin on the lake, you’ll be able to simply retrieve the boat from the backyard, where it was safe and sound under your own watchful eyes. Save yourself time, money, and stress with a metal shelter. Make your boating season even better this year!

How Do You Start?

It’s easy! We have an online builder for you to use! It’s pretty straightforward, and enables you to customize your building on a variety of options, including but not limited to, size, style, walls, colors, and trim! However, if you’re still stuck and can’t seem to make the perfect building, please call us at (855) 227-7678! Our team of professional sales engineers are ready to walk you through the process, and once you’re finished, you’ll get free delivery and installation! So call or build online today, and get started!


Metal Shelters Prevent Heat Damage

Don’t Underestimate Heat Damage!

With Summer comes long days, short nights, and intense heat for prolonged periods of time. Without knowing better, many people leave valuables and equipment to bake in the sun, unknowingly increasing the probability that they will have to spend thousands on repairs. The damage from the heat also increases the wear on your car making it less safe to drive and more prone to an accident in unfavorable weather conditions.

metal shelters

How Heat Damage Can Cost You

A few of the different ways heat damage may manifest itself concerning your vehicles and valuables are:

-Paint will fade very quickly, and be more prone to damage and chipping
-Tires will bald faster, which means they’ll need to be replaced more often, and also increases the chances of an accident
-Interior heats up very fast and can ruin leather and dashboard
-Heat is taxing on your battery, engine, and transmission, which leads to a higher chance of breaking down or expensive replacement costs

Not to mention that getting into a vehicle that’s been sitting in the sun is super uncomfortable! Elephant Structure’s Metal Shelters is here to help you protect your goods from the scorching summer. By using a metal shelter for storage purposes, you greatly increase the lifetime of your vehicle and decrease your repair costs… Our custom metal shelters pay for themselves! Your car will last longer, cost less, and you’ll save money by reducing the chances of breaking down on the road. Your vehicle will be safer to drive, and can maybe even be passed down to the kids! Customize your building on a variety of different color, trim, and style options for optimum aesthetic appeal. Then choose certifications, sizing, and accessories to finish up, and we’ll deliver and install your shelter, for free! Call us at (855) 227-7678 for more information or to start building your custom structure!



Carports Can Have Two Uses at Once

On this blog we often talk about how carports and other metal buildings have all sorts of uses and functions that can satisfy all kinds of needs. Typically we’re talking about these functions being independent of each other; using your structure for one purpose at a time. Storing your car OR sheltering your lawn equipment, covering your dog kennels OR creating a shaded gardening area. But wouldn’t you prefer to own a metal structure that can work overtime for you, fulfilling two or more purposes at once? Elephant Structures Metal Carports can do just that.

Carports by Elephant Metal Shelters are VersatileCarports by Elephant Structures Can Serve Multiple Purposes at Once!

The photo above shows one of Elephant Metal Shelters’ carports, ready to perform double duty. This style carport-garage combination is the perfect option for individuals that only need a little bit of garage and a little bit of carport, but want to combine them for affordability, functionality, and aesthetic purposes. Big enough to store two large vehicles, you could use the garage portion of the structure as a small workshop or tool storage and still get the benefit of covered parking with the carport portion of the building. You could park your boat inside and use the exterior covered section as a porch or covered relaxation area. Need a motorcycle garage and a potting area for your plants? Our carports can handle that!

The possibilities really are endless with Elephant Metal Shelters carports, and we’re excited to hear what you plan on doing with your carport-garage combination building!

To receive a quote on combination Metal Shelters carports similar to the one seen above, or to speak with a sales representative to place your order over the phone, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. A Metal Shelters Expert will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you place your order if and when you’re ready.

Metal Structure Installation Time is Now!

No matter what you need a metal structure for, there is no doubt that spring and early summer are the best times to have one installed! By getting your structure ordered in April, you’ll be installed mid-summer and ready to put your building to use! Agricultural buildings can be made ready for harvest season, garages and carports can be prepared to face the cold fall and winter weather to come, and storage buildings can have contents piled into them before the weather gets too cumbersome to move a lot of stuff around.

Metal Structure by Elephant Metal Shelters

Get a quote on a metal structure now and buy sooner than you thought!

With Metal Shelter’s metal structure builder, you can get an instant quote on the ideal custom metal structure for you and your intended use! There are no forms to fill out, no personal information to give, just enter the zip code that our installers will construct your building in and design away! That’s really all there is to it. Our quote generator will update the price of your building with every customization option that you choose, making it simple to stick to your budget and see what options might cost you.

Because spring and summer are our peak metal structure ordering times, you will definitely receive your structure faster than if you ordered in the fall or winter. First of all, there aren’t any snow or ice delays that often accompany cold-weather installations. Second of all, the more orders that we have going out, the sooner yours will arrive to you as we fill up trucks going to specific locations and install them geographically. Your best bet for a quick metal structure installation would definitely be to order right around now.

If you’re ready to order your metal structure, or if you have some questions or want to be walked through the process, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’re more than happy to work with you to get you the metal structure that you’ve always wanted!

Steel Pavilion Building Permits

Building a steel pavilion is a great, thoughtful idea. What better way to encourage people to get outdoors and socialize! From concerts and barbecues to birthday parties and basketball games, a steel pavilion is truly a multipurpose facility that will benefit any community or property. But what happens when a permit is required to build a structure in your area? What steps does this add to the process of getting your steel pavilion delivered and installed?

Steel Pavilion by Elephant Metal Shelters

Obtaining a Permit to Build a Steel Pavilion or Other Structure

To find out if a permit is required in your area to build a nonresidential building on your property, you should start by calling your city and/or county officials to ask about building codes. Though it may seem as though building a relatively small structure on your own property would be your own decision, that is rarely the case. Your city or county offices will be able to answer all questions relating to permits and the steps involved in obtaining them.

If a permit is required in your area, you will need to purchase a certified structure from us. What that means is that your steel pavilion or other metal structure comes with engineered drawings of your custom structure that you may submit to your county or city to fulfill the building permit requirements. Your steel pavilion will be made from extra-durable 12-gauge steel, and will have higher wind ratings and snow load ratings than if it were not certified.

Before you call about ordering a steel pavilion, go ahead and call your city or county to find out if you need a building permit to satisfy any building codes that may exist. When you have that information, you can give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. Armed with that information, we can give you more accurate price quotes for the structure that you’re looking to build.

Carport Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you’re getting ready to purchase a carport or other steel building for your home or business. We want you to be able to spend less time on the parts of the process that don’t matter as much and be able to focus your attention on the more important factors that will affect your structure most. Here is our list of things to do and not to do when buying a steel carport (or other metal building).

Metal Carport by Elephant Metal Shelters

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carport Buying

Do: your research! (Don’t skimp on this step!) There are tons of companies and products out there, some of which you might not even know existed.

Don’t: take any claims as fact until you have explored all available avenues and know that a carport (or whatever type of building you choose) is the right option for you.

Do: Find out what building materials are used by the companies that you are looking into. Building materials can greatly affect the price of your carport or other structure, and a $1,000 wooden structure is NOT the same as a $1,000 steel structure.

Don’t: Purchase a carport or building without finding out how much delivery and installation are going to cost you. At Elephant Structures, we offer free delivery and installation with every purchase, but many companies do not, or they offer one or the other. Know what you’re getting into!

Do: decide how much space you have to build your structure. This will help immensely when it comes time to talk to a representative about how much your structure will cost. It really does depend on how big it is.

Don’t: waste your time filling out quote forms! At Elephant Structures, we have a patented buildID system on each of our websites (Metal Shelters, Carport.com and Elephant Barns) that will allow you to price your structure from home, in real time, and receive an instant quote on your carport or building without having to fill in any forms! Just enter the zip code that your structure will be installed in and go!

If you’re ready to start your research, or if you’ve already completed that step and want to move forward with your carport or other steel building purchase, give Elephant Structures a call at 855-car-port. We’re more than happy to help you no matter where you are in the process!

Metal Building Kit Prices

Despite what the big box home improvement stores may have you believe, metal building kit prices are actually incredibly affordable! We’re not talking about a metal building kit that is created in a cookie cutter factory for a one-size-fits-all customer; we’re talking about a fully customizable metal building kit for a structure that is designed by YOU the buyer!

Metal Building Kit Utility Carport/Garage Combo

Metal Building Kit Prices are Affordable!

Let’s face it; metal building kits that you find in the chain stores aren’t very cheap. Taking that into account, logic would indicate that a kit that was customized to your exact specifications (be it color, length, height, door size, etc.) would be outrageously overpriced. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. Elephant Structures’ metal building kits are incredibly affordable, despite their highly customizable nature, and are more durable, long-lasting, and attractive than their pre-boxed cookie-cutter counterparts.

The other great thing about an Elephant Structures metal building kit is that we offer FREE delivery and installation of every structure purchased. That means you don’t have to worry about renting a big truck to transport your purchase from factory to your property, and you don’t have to slave away in the oncoming summer to get it built; we do all the grunt-work for you! If you’d prefer to install it yourself, you are certainly welcome to do so. We do warn that our pieces are not pre-drilled and our kits do not come with instructions, so it really is best (in most cases) to take advantage of the free installation that each metal building kit comes with.

Check our our metal building kit pricing tool here, or call 855-CAR-PORT to place an order or speak directly with a customer service representative. Our kits are available for carports, barns, garages, sheds, rv covers, boat covers, and a variety of other functions.