Using Metal Shelters as a Picnic Cover for Your Community

Community is the fabric of the quilt of our society, and every thread is meant to be woven as efficiently and eloquently as possible. Working together is what has made this country great for so many years, because working together starts small and ends massive. When it comes to building your local community, it always helps to have a place for a community to actually bond and eventually form into life-long friendships. The best place to do that is at a park, but if a park isn’t enough of a binding factor then we have a suggestion.


Our buildings are made to be affordable, long-lasting, and quick to build. These attributes create an environment in which building a metal structure for your community can be hardly taxing on anyone involved. It’s an unfortunate yet realistic fact that people don’t like to work too hard on an idea that doesn’t directly benefit them. Herein, it’s important to take that into consideration when building a metal structure for your community. You don’t want to go too large, but you want to have enough space to have several picnic tables underneath, and most likely a space to relax without feeling claustrophobic. Also, if you build your structure too big it may intrude on the real star of the show, the nature of the community park.

Picnic Shelter by Elephant Structures

If you’re having trouble finding people within your community who want to invest in creating a metal building in any aspect, whether it’s purchasing the building, or erecting the structure itself you only need to remind them of the two most influential selling points of our metal structures: affordability, and longevity. Then, if you want to throw them the kicker you can explain that all of our buildings come with free installation and delivery! If you’re curious as to the types of buildings that we offer we have three different roof types, but there are an immense amount of customization options within each. If you’re shooting for a building similar to a pavilion than we recommend an open carport-like structure that is long and and in a boxed-eave or vertical roof building. The vertical roof will aid in the direction of rain to either side of the structure, and the open walls will allow people to enjoy mother nature as well as the comfort of the roof’s protection from the elements.

Call in today for a free consultation from one of our building professionals, or use our online builder to tailor your community pavilion to your needs and order online.

Steel Buildings Make Gardening a Breeze

Our customizable steel buildings are versatile enough to be used for almost anything, and can help make planting a backyard vegetable garden easy and fun. Plus, there are so many reasons to start a vegetable garden at your home.

steel buildings

Backyard Vegetable Gardens

For starters, having fresh vegetables just outside your door will make it easy and convenient to make healthy meals for your family while saving money at the grocery store. A backyard garden also gives your family a common interest and hobby that can help strengthen relationships. Gardens also increase property value and are a great way to spend time outside, enjoying nature. While preparing land and building a garden may be a difficult and lengthy task, a vegetable garden is a worthwhile investment that will grow with your family.

Saving money is also a great reason to start your own backyard vegetable garden. Fresh produce at the grocery store can be expensive and may even sell out based on the season. By keeping your own vegetable garden, you can grow your own in-season produce at home and skip the disappointment at the grocery store.

International Changes Felt at Home

Recent changes in Washington may even prompt some to start cultivating their own crops at home. Since the start of his campaign, President Trump has promised comprehensive immigration and trade reform. These two things could lead to lots of changes in the agriculture industry in the United States.

For starters, lots of the produce that finds its way onto supermarket shelves all over America is picked by immigrant hands. Often, these workers are illegal migrants who travel from job to job, working until they find a new place to put down roots and call home. While some may despise their presence in our country, they provide cheap labor to farms all over the nation. Without them, the prices of fruits and vegetables would likely soar as labor costs skyrocket for farmers. Illegal workers would have to be replaced with lawful residents demanding more pay than the meager sums asked by those they would replace.

steel buildings

In addition to an increase in prices due to labor costs, there is a possibility of a decrease in demand due to the renegotiation of NAFTA and Trump’s threat to build a wall on the southern border and force Mexico to pay for it. As a result, the Mexican government has decided to take retaliatory economic measures. Lawmakers have introduced a bill in Mexico to begin buying corn from countries like Brazil and Argentina, rather than the United States. Mexico is the largest buyer of American corn in the world, and any action which diminishes or eliminates this trade could be incredibly harmful for American farmers. While corn may be the first crop to fall in demand, many more could follow and spell disaster for agriculture in the United States.

Start Today!

While there are a number of reasons to begin growing your own fruits and vegetables, there is really no denying the benefits that it brings. From a healthier diet to a healthier family, a backyard vegetable garden and one of our steel buildings could be the perfect addition to your home or property. Invest in one of our customizable steel buildings today and make yard work and gardening easy and fun.

Steel Buildings From Elephant

Our steel buildings protect your vehicle from the elements, store all of your tools and supplies, and keep all of your equipment safe, secure, and organized. Check out our online build tool to create your own steel building and see pricing estimates for your area. For more information about steel buildings and to schedule an on-site consultation, call one of our expert representatives today!