Steel Pavilion Building Permits

Building a steel pavilion is a great, thoughtful idea. What better way to encourage people to get outdoors and socialize! From concerts and barbecues to birthday parties and basketball games, a steel pavilion is truly a multipurpose facility that will benefit any community or property. But what happens when a permit is required to build a structure in your area? What steps does this add to the process of getting your steel pavilion delivered and installed?

Steel Pavilion by Elephant Metal Shelters

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Picnic Shelter: A Valuable Investment

40' Wide Elephant Structures Picnic Shelter

Many people recall their best memories as being among friends, family, or general good company. Whether everyone is enjoying a good BBQ, an amazing band, or simply sitting and chatting and soaking in the fresh air, a steel picnic shelter is a valuable investment for any family, business, or organization.

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