Why You Should Go With A Certified Building

Often times we get calls from customers who neglected to order certified carports. The influx comes after severe storms, hurricanes, etc. They need replacements for their carport that was blown out of the foundation (often not concrete), buckled under the snow load, or any number of unfortunate reasons. We understand that the affordability of a concrete pad and certification is sometimes out of the price range of our customers, but we see it time and time again. If you can purchase a certified building but strive to save a few bucks and opt for a non-certified, you may end up paying for it later.

With our buildings, we always use stronger bracing and tougher legs made out of premium steel. As a result, our certification is even stronger than most other manufacturers. Typically, a certification stage one guarantees your building meets any building permits required by your county, state, etc. as well as 130 mph wind speeds and 30 psf snow loads.  Certification stage two or super certification can be negotiated, and is usually reserved for customers who desire extreme protection or commercial regulations on their buildings.

Metal Building Kit Utility Carport/Garage Combo

Certified Carports and What They Mean To You

Certified carports are a way to give you peace of mind during severe weather, because it’s a simple way of strengthening your carport immensely. Usually, our carports can come with a guarantee because every customer customizes their structure differently. Herein, certain structures are just less structurally sound due to the customers’ desires. For instance, if someone places a building with one wall open it’s more likely to catch wind against the closed side. This puts more strain on the building, raising the need for better engineering.

Our top of the line engineers are the best people to creatively prevent these issues. To allow for circumvention of this we recommend certifying your building. It’s also necessary to certify buildings that require building permits, as we will always build your structure to the codes needed by the county or state, or often exceed them. It is possible to get by in areas where there is less severe weather without a certified building, however it is always recommended. Even more so in areas that are prone to at least occasional severe storms or hurricanes. Often on the coast it’s required by the county, but if it isn’t where you live at the beach it’s nearly essential to have anyway.

Certified Carports and How They Help You Save Money

Whenever you buy a building from us, we build it to last whether that is your intention or otherwise. The main directive that we attempt is maintaining the highest quality buildings possible while they are consistently customizable even at the highest possible tiers. Herein, every building you purchase from Elephant Structures is going to save you money in the long run. However, certifying your building can help you save more at the cost of a slightly higher initial cost.


First, what do most people buy a metal building for? The answer is to protect something that they don’t want getting ruined. If you park your car in a metal garage or carport you are hoping that carport is strong enough to take whatever mother nature throws at it so your car doesn’t have to. If this is the case (and it is), the best thing you could do for your car is to buy it from us, and certify it. Even if you’re using it to store less important things, or spare lumber, what have you, certifying your carport ensures that it will be there if it gets atypically windy in your area. The key to saving money in a roundabout way is spending it. Lucky for you we keep the cost low without sacrificing the quality of our builds. If you want to see what a non-certified carport ends up as simply google “collapsed carport” to find out.

Metal Structure by Elephant Metal Shelters

Low Maintenance and Peace of Mind

Every one of us could always stand to gain a little more peace of mind, one could argue that’s a good thing to strive for in this life. Elephant structures understands that, and that’s precisely why we offer highly customizable top of the line buildings and certification. The goal of a carport is not only to protect your building, but also to allow you to relax when it’s hailing, raining, the sun is high in the sky, or any number of stressful events take place. A car is necessary in most parts of the states, and taking care of that car is even more necessary when your budget is tight. Allow the certified carport to do the work for you, and relax!

Go With Elephant Structures Certified Carports

We understand that buying a carport can be intimidating because there’s a lot of people out there selling poor products. There’s a lot of people involved in the industry that have just gotten started, but we’ve been involved a long time. Some of our experts have been in the business for 37 years, and yes steel was around back then! Steel is the number one building material in the modern world, and it’s not going anywhere. Just like your carport when you get it certified from Elephant Structures.



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Your Metal Building Will Help, But This Advice Will As Well

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