Carports Can Have Two Uses at Once

On this blog we often talk about how carports and other metal buildings have all sorts of uses and functions that can satisfy all kinds of needs. Typically we’re talking about these functions being independent of each other; using your structure for one purpose at a time. Storing your car OR sheltering your lawn equipment, covering your dog kennels OR creating a shaded gardening area. But wouldn’t you prefer to own a metal structure that can work overtime for you, fulfilling two or more purposes at once? Elephant Structures Metal Carports can do just that.

Carports by Elephant Metal Shelters are Versatile

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Metal Shelters are Better than Canvas Covers

Metal ShelterThere is no doubt that a metal carport, made with a galvanized 14 gauge steel 2.5″ tube frame and metal roofing and siding with a baked enamel finish, is better than a canvas canopy shelter.

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Elephant Structures Offers Metal Buildings, Carports & Garages

Elephant Structures, a leader in the metal building space, is proud to announce the launch of, a website geared toward personal, business and commercial metal buildings.

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