Carport Involved in a Murder Investigation

Most of the time we write about the ability to use metal shelters, carports, and garages for a wide variety of uses. Workshops, guest houses, tiny homes, small businesses, etc. all find a welcome home in a metal shelter. Steel structures are the future. However, we never anticipate whenever carports make national news.

Recently blood was found in a carport that matched the DNA of a Nursing student from Tennessee. Her name was Holly BoBo, and the investigation started many years ago when she went missing in 2011. The main suspect was Zachary Adam’s. During Adams’ trial he plead not guilty to “kidnapping, raping, and killing Holly Bobo.”

The Republic, which is a local newspaper in Indiana reported that “Her remains were found 3 1/2 years latter in woods not far from her home in Decatur County, about 100 miles (161 kilometers) southwest of Nashville.” It’s an extremely unfortunate event, but somehow years later the evidence within the carport and Bobo’s brother was able to move the case forward before it became entirely cold. “Bob’s brother testified Monday that he saw his sister and a man in the carport before they walked together into woods next to the family’s home.”

A dirty knife in the rain lies on the pavement with light reflecting in the puddles.

While Justice Be Served in the Country Music Capital?

Adam’s faces the death penalty if convicted, and the FBI hopes to use this evidence to push forward in the case. In the United States, it may not often seem like it but every suspect is still innocent until proven guilty. If Adam’s isn’t the murderer, the case will continue and hopefully the family will receive some closure in time.

Although it wasn’t our carport, we’re glad that a carport was capable of protecting evidence for so long. If it wasn’t proof enough of the ability of a carport to protect your property, any small amount of rain would’ve washed away the blood and possibly condemned the murder to a cold case for all time.

Our thoughts and compassion go out to the family, and we hope that her murderer is taken to justice as soon as possible. It’s terrible that this world exists in such a manner that these people will prey upon the weak. Unfortunately though, it’s the reality that we live in.

Elephant Safe Rooms

Carports can be certified in order to become next to impenetrable by intruders to protect your property. However, if you seek to protect your loved ones from violent offenders, we have to recommend our line of Elephant Safe Rooms for the utmost safety. This model is a basic storm shelter version, also rated against Tornadoes.

A 4x6 model safe room for tornadoes and intruders, etc.


Our 4×6 safe room is 4′ wide by 6′ long by 7′ high. Elephant Safe Room® Shelters a secure multi-use above ground steel residential tornado safe room.


Made of solid quarter inch steel plate, this storm shelter is designed to withstand massive abuses from mother nature and criminal activity alike. The fully welded safe rooms are able to withstand tornado force wind speeds when properly installed inside the home, garage, or even out in the open. You can install these units outside, when anchored to a properly reinforced concrete pad, for safety and security for your family. Each unit comes standard with a 36″ standard security door with a three-point security latch system, and a key-lockable deadbolt. Sheltered air vents allow air in and will keep debris out, and each units comes with an enamel coated interior and exterior to ensure a solid finish and corrosion protection for years to come. For maximum protection from tornados, be sure to view our underground storm shelters.

Elephant Safe Room® Shelters are designed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in North Carolina. We service the Southeast directly, and provide Nationwide coverage with Freight-on-Board (FOB) determined at the time of your order.

For all your carport and safe room needs, contact metal shelters for a free consultation. All of our structures come with free installation and delivery. Contact us at (855) 227-7678 for any further questions.



Brand New Vertical Style Metal Garage with Roll-up Door

We receive testimonials and photos from our customers all the time. This one was from a particularly satisfied customer who gave a testimonial complimenting our services and installation. He’s using his Metal Garage as a workshop, and has opted for insulation after the installation. The building is custom quote with insulation, but we can install it just the same. If you don’t require the insulation, click here to purchase this building without it on the website. Below is the testimonial for the structure, and a photo of the completed installation.

“I went on and I ordered my building from them. One thing good about is they have a computer program on there where you can design your own building. In 2-3 weeks I had my building put up. I did have some questions for the sales reps, but they answered them to my expectations. I’m really happy with my Elephant Structures building. I got the best price possible, because I did my research on other buildings and this was the best price and that’s why I went with Elephant Structures.” – Mr. Cook.

16′ x 21′ Vertical Style Metal Garage Workshop with Roll-up Door

Side view of the vertical style metal garage workshop.

Elephant Structures Knows Customers and Well….Structures

If you’re in search of a structure to use as a workshop, garage, or hobby station, this is a great choice. If you need to design slight alterations to this structure click here. Otherwise, browse our shop by photo section or send in your custom specifications. Elephant is in the business of giving the customer options, and making the options worth your while. You won’t find a better metal building manufacturer in the entire country, so call in now for a free consultation. Did we mention every building comes with free installation and delivery?

Choosing the Size of Your New Carport

When purchasing your carport, it’s difficult to determine the size you may need to store your property. We’ve composed a guide to help you understand your personal storage needs.


What’s going Inside Your Carport?

First, you should determine the vehicle(s) that are being stored inside your carport. While there is a standard car length, the types of other vehicles vary widely. With an RV, truck, trailer, ATV, boat, Motorcycle, the measurements need to be on hand when purchasing your carport. There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a carport that won’t fit everything you own underneath it when it arrives at your home. Our carports have various widths, so pretty much whatever configuration is desired can be engineered.

How many vehicles are you storing underneath the carport?

If you’re storing two vehicles side to side, it’s important to add extra width, and more than you would usually think. There needs to be space accommodating drivers entering and exiting their vehicles, as well as passengers. This is easier to determine than measurements of your vehicles themselves. Simply park them all side by side and see if there’s room to open all the doors. Then, you can measure the width of them all parked side to side or front to back depending on your preference. With those measurements, you can easily maintain a comfortable storage area and situation. It’s also worth noting that if you can manage a little extra on the sides for storage of lawn equipment it’s a great addition to any carport. A utility shed will also perform this function with protection from the elements on all sides! This is a custom order however, be sure to mention it to your building advisor when you call in if you’re interested.


How tall are your property and vehicles?

Clearance height is a major issue when it comes  storing property, as it’s difficult to determine whether or not something will fit inside a height that is judged from the bottom on both space and size. Relativity! Measure your vehicles and property to find out the ideal height of your building. Also note that different widths and roof styles will have different peak heights. Your building advisor can help you with that as well, or this chart. Something else of note, is that every building over 12 ft. tall will have to be installed with a lift provided by Elephant Structures or the customer.

What do you want to use your carport for?

Some customers aren’t even using their carports to store cars underneath. Some of our customers created pavilions out of their carports, as well as hobby shops, or even dog houses. If you’re storing your vehicles underneath, that’s completely fine, but the versatility of our carports allows for a staggering amount of utility. Our carports are also available as DIY kits, so if you want to perform extremely customizable construction projects with our steel, we’re happy to provide it to you!

The future of your property is in capable hands if you store it underneath a carport from Elephant Structures. It’s important to determine the size of your structure as to fit all of your property before you actually purchase it, but if you need to make future additions our engineers are happy to accommodate future projects on your new carport or garage. Simply call in and determine what type of addition you need and tell us what you already have. Our installers will come right to your home and install your extra storage space just as easily and quickly as they did the first time.

A Metal Building From Elephant

Our buildings are more versatile and adaptable than wooden structures and will last for generations. The design and color of your metal building can be changed to match your home or other existing property. Our buildings are virtually maintenance free and can be installed anywhere there is level ground. If you decide to move, your metal building can be disassembled and easily moved as opposed to a heavy and bulky wooden shed. By altering the dimensions and adding windows, garage and walk-in doors, your building can house your vehicles and outdoor and lawn equipment, keeping everything secure and nearby. With Elephant, you can design a metal building to fit all of your needs for half the price of wood.

Make the easy choice and call us at Elephant Structures today so you can begin designing and pricing your own metal building. We have been manufacturing and installing prefabricated metal buildings for decades and offer the highest quality in the industry.