Metal Shelters Are Great Boat Storage Units

Convenient Boat Storage Building at Your Home!

Boating season is fantastic. Family and friends, cruising around on the water, enjoying food and drinks. The sun is out, and tubing and water skiing will be had be all. It really doesn’t get much better on a Summer afternoon. However, it can be a hassle. If you have to drive to a marina to retrieve your boat, it could complicate things, as it usually takes a good bit of time. Also, marina fees are a pain, and completely unnecessary. In the end, do you even want someone else storing your boat? Do you trust them? What if they damage it?

metal shelter boat storage

Eliminate the Marina with a Metal Shelter from Elephant Structures

A metal shelter or steel carport from Elephant Structures is the solution to all your boat storage needs. Incredibly durable, they can be certified to withstand extreme weather, you can count on your metal building to protect your baby. When it comes time to take the family out for a spin on the lake, you’ll be able to simply retrieve the boat from the backyard, where it was safe and sound under your own watchful eyes. Save yourself time, money, and stress with a metal shelter. Make your boating season even better this year!

How Do You Start?

It’s easy! We have an online builder for you to use! It’s pretty straightforward, and enables you to customize your building on a variety of options, including but not limited to, size, style, walls, colors, and trim! However, if you’re still stuck and can’t seem to make the perfect building, please call us at (855) 227-7678! Our team of professional sales engineers are ready to walk you through the process, and once you’re finished, you’ll get free delivery and installation! So call or build online today, and get started!


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