Add Walls and You’ve Got a Metal Garage!

What’s the Difference Between a Carport and Garage?

The answer is, walls! A garage is a carport with walls that enclose the structure! If you want extra protection from damaging weather and potential criminal activity, a metal garage is the solution.

Our steel is a thick 14 gauge, and can be upgraded to the more durable 12 gauge at your discretion. Our security options are plentiful. Along with the option to upgrade to 12 gauge steel, we offer certification opportunities and auger anchors. Our buildings are amazingly useful for protection of valuables, and you can add as many garage doors, with customizable sizes, to your structure as long as space is permitting. Don’t rely on a wooden building for your protective needs. Use an expertly crafted metal building as your storage unit.

Metal Garages can be More than Just Storage

Green Metal Shelter w/ 3 Garage DoorsUse your garage as a workshop or automotive repair shop! We know that no two wood workers or auto repair junkies are the same. This logic is the fundamental reasoning behind our entire business model! We want to let you design the perfect building for your specific needs. Build yours with space for work benches, table saws, tool storage, and more!

Elephant Structures’ Metal Shelters

We are a proud member of the Elephant family of metal building products. As an Elephant Structures brand, we are lucky enough to have the expertise, workmanship, customer service, and manufacturing technology that all Elephant brands share. We want to use these resources to bring you, our customer, a fantastic experience and an amazing product. This dedication to customer service is an Elephant mission, and is well-known throughout the country. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our helpful team members, please give us a call at (855) 227-7678. We’re always ready to help you design, manufacture, deliver, and install your dream building!

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