Metal Shelters Prevent Heat Damage

Don’t Underestimate Heat Damage!

With Summer comes long days, short nights, and intense heat for prolonged periods of time. Without knowing better, many people leave valuables and equipment to bake in the sun, unknowingly increasing the probability that they will have to spend thousands on repairs. The damage from the heat also increases the wear on your car making it less safe to drive and more prone to an accident in unfavorable weather conditions.

metal shelters

How Heat Damage Can Cost You

A few of the different ways heat damage may manifest itself concerning your vehicles and valuables are:

-Paint will fade very quickly, and be more prone to damage and chipping
-Tires will bald faster, which means they’ll need to be replaced more often, and also increases the chances of an accident
-Interior heats up very fast and can ruin leather and dashboard
-Heat is taxing on your battery, engine, and transmission, which leads to a higher chance of breaking down or expensive replacement costs

Not to mention that getting into a vehicle that’s been sitting in the sun is super uncomfortable! Elephant Structure’s Metal Shelters is here to help you protect your goods from the scorching summer. By using a metal shelter for storage purposes, you greatly increase the lifetime of your vehicle and decrease your repair costs… Our custom metal shelters pay for themselves! Your car will last longer, cost less, and you’ll save money by reducing the chances of breaking down on the road. Your vehicle will be safer to drive, and can maybe even be passed down to the kids! Customize your building on a variety of different color, trim, and style options for optimum aesthetic appeal. Then choose certifications, sizing, and accessories to finish up, and we’ll deliver and install your shelter, for free! Call us at (855) 227-7678 for more information or to start building your custom structure!



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