Metal Shelters and Winter Boat Maintenance

Metal shelters or garages are likely the best way to store your boat, motorcycle, and other recreational toys during the winter. However, just parking your boat inside may not provide it with all the protection it needs from the harshness of Old Man Winter. Cold, dry air can cause interior upholstery to crack, while moist air can wreak havoc on electronics and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Allowing gas to sit and degrade in your fuel tank for up to six months can seriously inhibit the performance of your engine.

Learn how one of our metal shelters can protect your boat from the harsh winter.

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Metal Shelters Prevent Heat Damage

Don’t Underestimate Heat Damage!

With Summer comes long days, short nights, and intense heat for prolonged periods of time. Without knowing better, many people leave valuables and equipment to bake in the sun, unknowingly increasing the probability that they will have to spend thousands on repairs. The damage from the heat also increases the wear on your car making it less safe to drive and more prone to an accident in unfavorable weather conditions.

metal shelters

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