Largest Moveable Structure Is a Metal Shelter in Chernobyl

This past April 26th was the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear explosion. The Power Plant’s reactor exploded and created one of the most widely known malfunctions in recent history. To this day journalists still explore the aftermath and have written articles on the radioactive boars, the homeless that reside there and some of the ecological impacts of the nuclear devastation that will continue to happen for thousands of years. There were reported to be almost 200,000 people nearby when the meltdown took place, and their homes are no longer inhabitable at all. There were only 31 deaths documented as a result of the incident, and that number is low considering the horrific nature of possible outcomes involved. If you’re in for a bit of nostalgia or more information on the subject, this report from ABC on the day of the incident is interesting to say the least.

A “sarcophagus” was built in order to contain what was left of the radioactive materials and reactor, and just last year a massive steel structure was built to cover the sarcophagus. It’s thought to be capable of entombing the structure for over 100 years. Hopefully that will slow down the radioactive contamination that seems to be endless in comparison to human years. It goes to show that metal structures are capable of nearly any task they’re asked to complete, even when it comes to Chernobyl contamination reduction. At least that’s what “Battelle researchers” thought “at PNNl” when they  “applied their expertise in nuclear science, safety, remediation and engineering to help Ukranians.”

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