Where’d All the Spooky Clowns Go?

Most movie goers and horror enthusiast have seen the hit holiday season movie, IT. If you haven’t seen IT, the movie involves a demented clown praying upon the fear of children. Despite the craze for what is a fairly well-reviewed movie about a scary clown, we haven’t seen any running in around in our neighborhoods.

Last year, there were reports of scary clowns all throughout the Carolinas, where our headquarters are located. None were spotted in the parking lot, or around the manufacturing area, but locals reported sightings of clowns everywhere else. The phenomena started in South Carolina where residents of Greenville started reporting sightings of figures in clown costumes.


The clowns did not stay in North Carolina, however. They were sighted all around the world. Britain, New Zealand, a large amount of states, and other countries all held their breaths as strange men in clown suits wandered the back alleys at night. We know you’ve probably heard of the clowns, but to think about how strange the phenomena came and went it does nothing to reduce the creepiness of it all.

To add to the mountain of eerie surrounding the clowns, many children were targeted by the clowns. Children were reportedly sought out by several clowns, no injuries were reported but emotional trauma was apparent through many of the parents. One was quoted by a local news organization saying, “My kid came running in the house screaming that there were two guys chasing him.”

scary clowns in north carolina

Some of the effected apparently felt the need to blame Stephen King for the clown hysteria, even though his movie wasn’t even announced yet. He posted this response on twitter. “Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria–most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.

How to Feel Safe in Case They Come Back?

We’re not saying the clowns are coming back, don’t worry. They’re probably gone for now. Yet, in this strange age of internet memes and collective culture events like these happen often. Murder rates actually rise every time there’s a mass murder. It’s extremely unfortunate, and the advent of social media is inevitably intertwined with it. In this information age, sometimes knowing too much can be dangerous for our society. How do you keep you and your family safe? Elephants line of Safe Rooms. Here’s a basic locker that will protect you from nearly every disaster imaginable.



Our 4×6 safe room is 4′ wide by 6′ long by 7′ high. Elephant Safe Room® Shelters a secure multi-use above ground steel residential tornado safe room.


Made of solid quarter inch steel plate, this storm shelter is designed to withstand massive abuses from mother nature and criminal activity alike. The fully welded safe rooms are able to withstand tornado force wind speeds when properly installed inside the home, garage, or even out in the open. You can install these units outside, when anchored to a properly reinforced concrete pad, for safety and security for your family. Each unit comes standard with a 36″ standard security door with a three-point security latch system, and a key-lockable deadbolt. Sheltered air vents allow air in and will keep debris out, and each units comes with an enamel coated interior and exterior to ensure a solid finish and corrosion protection for years to come. For maximum protection from tornados, be sure to view our underground storm shelters.

Elephant Safe Room® Shelters are designed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in North Carolina. We service the Southeast directly, and provide Nationwide coverage with Freight-on-Board (FOB) determined at the time of your order.


Using Carports as Moveable Storage

Carports are traditionally thought of as stationary storage for vehicles. In some cases, carports are also used as replacements for a garage, which is part of the reason for the less than creative approach that some customers take towards them. They make for a utilitarian’s dream. At Elephant, we like to allow our customer the ability to create and design whatever type of building they need. This also includes moveable carports.

It’s important to note that carports have basically two ordering options, standard orders and custom orders. Custom orders can be delivered and installed just like standard orders can, but our crews generally won’t install on an uneven or hanging surface. So if you want to create a moveable carport you’re probably better off ordering a DIY kit. With a kit, you get everything you need to construct your carport. The DIY kit is an effective because it allow the customer to place the carport on whatever they choose, like a trailer.

Before and after pictures of moveable storage on a trailer.

It’s also possible to order a standard carport and disassemble it when it needs to be transported and built. The ability to move a carport doesn’t mean that it’s temporary, however. Our carports are strong, built reliably with longevity in mind, and have the potential to be certified with ease. The simplicity of the building process is really a testament to our engineers. The top of the line truss system is something developed by our employees who have years and years of experience, but can be disassembled by you in minutes.

Any style of Elephant Structures carport will work efficiently as a transportable storage device, but not all sizes will be as easy to transport as others. To efficiently gauge the size of carport needed for the job, a building advisor would be the best person to talk to. Our building advisors spend all day discussing with engineers and customers to get nearly every product tailor made to each customer’s needs.

Moveable storage created by a carport kit on a trailer.


The building above is purchasable here, and it’s specs are:

  • Custom Single Wide Carport Kit 12′ x 41′ x 8′
  • A-Frame Vertical Style
  • White Trim, Walls, and Ends
  • Custom sides, and Ends
  • 492 sq. ft. of storage space

Elephant Structures Carports

Elephant Structures primary focus is custom buildings for storage purposes. The broad scope of our customer’s desires has always led us to make carports, garages, barns, and more to the highest industry standards and beyond. Our customers have also influenced the direction of some of our designs, as the demand for DIY kits has increased in recent years. Kits are a sure fire way to put your mark on your building, and transportable carports become much easier to transport if you know the ins and outs of your structure. We currently offer three types of structures, the Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical style models are all available in any custom configuration desired. All of our buildings are available as kits, and if you’re in need of a DIY kit today but are unsure of the specifications feel free to call in and speak to a building advisor today for a free consultation.


Largest Moveable Structure Is a Metal Shelter in Chernobyl

This past April 26th was the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear explosion. The Power Plant’s reactor exploded and created one of the most widely known malfunctions in recent history. To this day journalists still explore the aftermath and have written articles on the radioactive boars, the homeless that reside there and some of the ecological impacts of the nuclear devastation that will continue to happen for thousands of years. There were reported to be almost 200,000 people nearby when the meltdown took place, and their homes are no longer inhabitable at all. There were only 31 deaths documented as a result of the incident, and that number is low considering the horrific nature of possible outcomes involved. If you’re in for a bit of nostalgia or more information on the subject, this report from ABC on the day of the incident is interesting to say the least.

A “sarcophagus” was built in order to contain what was left of the radioactive materials and reactor, and just last year a massive steel structure was built to cover the sarcophagus. It’s thought to be capable of entombing the structure for over 100 years. Hopefully that will slow down the radioactive contamination that seems to be endless in comparison to human years. It goes to show that metal structures are capable of nearly any task they’re asked to complete, even when it comes to Chernobyl contamination reduction. At least that’s what “Battelle researchers” thought “at PNNl” when they  “applied their expertise in nuclear science, safety, remediation and engineering to help Ukranians.”

Metal Shelters

We here at Metal Shelters don’t advocate for any sort of contamination with nuclear radiation, but we do recommend that you take this metal structure use in to mind when considering your next storage building or workshop, etc. We maintain the highest quality customer service and steel buildings in the industry. If you need a free consultation from one of our building advisors feel free to call in now. Also, every one of our buildings comes with free installation and delivery.