Using Carports as Moveable Storage

Carports are traditionally thought of as stationary storage for vehicles. In some cases, carports are also used as replacements for a garage, which is part of the reason for the less than creative approach that some customers take towards them. They make for a utilitarian’s dream.¬†At Elephant, we like to allow our customer the ability to create and design whatever type of building they need. This also includes moveable carports.

It’s important to note that carports have basically two ordering options, standard orders and custom orders. Custom orders can be delivered and installed just like standard orders can, but our crews generally won’t install on an uneven or hanging surface. So if you want to create a moveable carport you’re probably better off ordering a DIY kit. With a kit, you get everything you need to construct your carport. The DIY kit is an effective because it allow the customer to place the carport on whatever they choose, like a trailer.

Before and after pictures of moveable storage on a trailer.

It’s also possible to order a standard carport and disassemble it when it needs to be transported and built. The ability to move a carport doesn’t mean that it’s temporary, however. Our carports are strong, built reliably with longevity in mind, and have the potential to be certified with ease. The simplicity of the building process is really a testament to our¬†engineers. The top of the line truss system is something developed by our employees who have years and years of experience, but can be disassembled by you in minutes.

Any style of Elephant Structures carport will work efficiently as a transportable storage device, but not all sizes will be as easy to transport as others. To efficiently gauge the size of carport needed for the job, a building advisor would be the best person to talk to. Our building advisors spend all day discussing with engineers and customers to get nearly every product tailor made to each customer’s needs.

Moveable storage created by a carport kit on a trailer.


The building above is purchasable here, and it’s specs are:

  • Custom Single Wide Carport Kit 12′ x 41′ x 8′
  • A-Frame Vertical Style
  • White Trim, Walls, and Ends
  • Custom sides, and Ends
  • 492 sq. ft. of storage space

Elephant Structures Carports

Elephant Structures primary focus is custom buildings for storage purposes. The broad scope of our customer’s desires has always led us to make carports, garages, barns, and more to the highest industry standards and beyond. Our customers have also influenced the direction of some of our designs, as the demand for DIY kits has increased in recent years. Kits are a sure fire way to put your mark on your building, and transportable carports become much easier to transport if you know the ins and outs of your structure. We currently offer three types of structures, the Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical style models are all available in any custom configuration desired. All of our buildings are available as kits, and if you’re in need of a DIY kit today but are unsure of the specifications feel free to call in and speak to a building advisor today for a free consultation.