Carports Can Have Two Uses at Once

On this blog we often talk about how carports and other metal buildings have all sorts of uses and functions that can satisfy all kinds of needs. Typically we’re talking about these functions being independent of each other; using your structure for one purpose at a time. Storing your car OR sheltering your lawn equipment, covering your dog kennels OR creating a shaded gardening area. But wouldn’t you prefer to own a metal structure that can work overtime for you, fulfilling two or more purposes at once? Elephant Structures Metal Carports can do just that.

Carports by Elephant Metal Shelters are Versatile

Carports by Elephant Structures Can Serve Multiple Purposes at Once!

The photo above shows one of Elephant Metal Shelters’ carports, ready to perform double duty. This style carport-garage combination is the perfect option for individuals that only need a little bit of garage and a little bit of carport, but want to combine them for affordability, functionality, and aesthetic purposes. Big enough to store two large vehicles, you could use the garage portion of the structure as a small workshop or tool storage and still get the benefit of covered parking with the carport portion of the building. You could park your boat inside and use the exterior covered section as a porch or covered relaxation area. Need a motorcycle garage and a potting area for your plants? Our carports can handle that!

The possibilities really are endless with Elephant Metal Shelters carports, and we’re excited to hear what you plan on doing with your carport-garage combination building!

To receive a quote on combination Metal Shelters carports similar to the one seen above, or to speak with a sales representative to place your order over the phone, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. A Metal Shelters Expert will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you place your order if and when you’re ready.

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