Metal Pavilion – The Space for Every Occasion

An Elephant Structures Metal Pavilion

Invest in a metal pavilion to serve the needs of your business!

A¬†metal pavilion¬†is a building that can be used for every occasion! Businesses can benefit from its versatile uses years after the initial purchase. Our pavilions are made of incredible strong, durable galvanized steel (a choice of 12 or 14 gauge steel is available) and are ready to bear the brunt of the work you’re needing them to do! Your business may choose to use the space for storage of supplies, vehicles, products, animals, or other goods underneath. Our metal structures are weatherproof, rust proof, will not rot, or warp, and can be depended on to store even the most important of business supplies. We also have a variety of 12 colors available for your metal pavilion, so you can match your structure to your pre-existing buildings (or not, we love a little creativity!).

The Elephant Metal Shelters metal pavilion is also great to use as a gathering space. Employees that work outdoors can take sheltered breaks underneath the space, or they can have an area to gather when it rains or during other extreme weather conditions. If your business is more corporate-office-centered, employees will love the option to enjoy nice weather and eat or conduct light business outside. When its time to have a company picnic or team-building event, you’ve already got the perfect location; your metal pavilion! Productivity will increase, and your employees will thank you again and again. A metal pavilion is the perfect solution to plenty of common business problems!

Go ahead, explore what a metal pavilion could do for your business or property. Think about all the functionality a pavilion could offer you (now, or in the future!). When you’re done dreaming about the possibilities, give Elephant Structures a call (855-CAR-PORT). We’re excited to help you make your dream into a reality.

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