Carports for Commercial Use

Commercial Carports by Elephant StructuresCarports can be extremely valuable to businesses for a variety of reasons. You put a lot of money into your vehicles, why would you expose them to the elements?

If you’re using your business vehicles as maintenance mobiles or have wraps on them, you have to take extra care. Wraps essentially make your vehicle a driving billboard for your business; if your billboard is beat up, dented and dinged, what is that saying about your organization?

Carports are great at protecting your vehicles, equipment, and other stored items from weather and falling debris. They prevent harmful damaging sun rays from beating down on your vehicles, which can quickly fade paint jobs or interiors. Overnight hail damage and bird poop are a thing of the past! Elephant Metal Shelters carports are a great way to make sure your professional vehicles continue to look professional.

In addition to our array of 12 mix-and-match color options, we’re able to offer half-walls, gables, open walls, as well as full walls on our carports, so the customization is completely up to you and you’re able to design your structure with your personal needs and wants in mind. We have auger anchors as well as certified options available, so if you’re concerned about wind ratings or snow load ratings, we’ve got you covered! Whether you have dirt, concrete, or some other kind of ground surface, our teams of professional installers will be able to install your custom carports quickly and efficiently, more often than not in a day or less!

Check out Elephant Metal Shelters’ Carports for Businesses Today!

To consult with a metal shelters expert about your need for carports, industrial steel garages,¬†or other metal buildings, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORTS. We’re excited to be able to help you and your business achieve your goals!

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