Picnic Shelter Customization

The weather is beautiful outside (at least around the Elephant Structures office!), and more than likely you’re thinking about spending more time outdoors. We recently blogged about the great benefits of a picnic shelter, so we thought it would be great to accompany that by writing a blog on all the things you can do to make your picnic shelter a great place to hang out and have a BBQ!

Picnic Shelter by Elephant Structures

Picnic Shelter 101

  1. Invest in great picnic tables.¬†The ground is great for an impromptu picnic, but you’ve got an awesome new picnic shelter; utilize it correctly! We recommend something sturdy, either treated wood or a durable metal. You might also want to purchase removable bench cushions for added comfort.
  2. Decide whether or not you want to install an in-slab permanent grill. If you’re going to have picnics, you’ve got to have a grill! A great permanent solution is installing a charcoal grill directly into the concrete slab when it is being poured for your picnic shelter. You might decide to keep your options open, though, and go with a portable grill. This will allow you the opportunity to use your picnic shelter for other functions in the future, if you so choose.
  3. Think about outdoor fixtures. Going to be grilling out a lot? Install outdoor cabinets and counters for ease of use and storage. If you really want to get fancy, think about a sink as well. This will allow you more freedom and ease of cleanup, and you will have a source of water close by in case you should need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about a picnic shelter from Elephant Metal Shelters, check out the main section of our website, or you can call us at 855-CAR-PORT to speak with a live customer service representative. Hurry, summer is on its way!

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