Metal Structure Upkeep

Your decision to buy a metal structure was a sound one. No, really. Metal structures require almost no upkeep to keep them looking nice and new. Since they are made completely of a thick, galvanized steel, you don’t need to worry about them rusting, leaking, rotting, warping, chipping or weakening over time. You’ve got a great metal structure for life. Here’s a list of optional tips (they’re optional because your metal structure is going to hold up and look great no matter what!) for cleaning and maintaining your metal structure.

Metal Structure by Elephant Metal Shelters

Optional Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Structure

1. Get any loose debris off the roof. Leaves, tennis balls, sticks, frogs; you name it, it’s time to remove it!

2. Spray it down with a high-pressure hose. This will loosen and remove any built up dirt, bird poop, or other residual gunk that might have collected on your barn doors, walls or roof over time.

3. Wipe down the inside walls and clear out the cobwebs. Even if it looks great on the outside, if its yucky inside, how are you going to feel good about storing and sheltering things there?

4. Wax highly visible areas that might have dulled in shine over time. This will keep your metal structure looking shiny and fresh and will keep the paint or exposed metal looking great.

5. Organize the contents of your structure. It may seem like a no-brainer, but the neater the inside of your structure is, the more likely you are to care about maintaining it and taking pride in it! A little clean-up and reorganization never hurt anyone :)

 If you don’t already have a metal structure, give Elephant Structures a call at 855-CAR-PORT. Our metal structure experts can help you figure out which of our affordable metal structures is right for you.

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