Harmful Effects of Road Salt on Your Car

Once the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling, you are sure to see roads being treated with brine and salt. Meant to lower the freezing point of water to prevent ice from building up on roads, salt has been used to clear roads for decades. Road salt and brine mixtures are a cheap solution with significant benefits that are quick and easy to apply to road surfaces.

Without question, treating roadways in this manner has saved countless lives and millions in property damage caused by vehicle accidents. However, safe driving does come at a cost.

Protect your car from the dangers of road salt!

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Metal Building Garages Can Help You With Your Resolutions

Buy a Metal Building Garage

Our metal building garages are extremely affordable and customizable. We’ve been in the business along time, making sure to improve with each and every year that goes by. Our metal building garages are tailored to fit your storage and economic needs at the same time. Not every company selling metal buildings can say that. If you want affordable, long lasting, strong, and personalized storage go with Elephant.

Metal Building Kit Utility Carport/Garage Combo

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Metal Shelters and Winter Motorcycle Maintenance

That dreaded time of year has arrived – winter. As the temperatures drop and snow and ice begin to grace our roads every morning, now is the best time to consider purchasing a metal carport or garage from Elephant. Protecting all of your vehicles from the elements is vital in maintaining the value of your investments. If you’re getting ready to store your motorcycle until the weather warms up next spring, we have a few tips for you.

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