Harmful Effects of Road Salt on Your Car

Once the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling, you are sure to see roads being treated with brine and salt. Meant to lower the freezing point of water to prevent ice from building up on roads, salt has been used to clear roads for decades. Road salt and brine mixtures are a cheap solution with significant benefits that are quick and easy to apply to road surfaces.

Without question, treating roadways in this manner has saved countless lives and millions in property damage caused by vehicle accidents. However, safe driving does come at a cost.

Protect your car from the dangers of road salt!

The Real Threat of Road Salt

It is common knowledge that salt is not good for your car, specifically the body and any other metal components. Salt is extremely corrosive and can cause extensive damage to vehicles over time. If you’ve ever been to a northern state or anywhere with lots of snowfall, you’ve likely seen cars that are totally covered in rust. On top of body damage, road salt can create leaks in braking, steering, fuel delivery, and other vital mechanical functions. Most salt damage occurs to the underside of the vehicle and inside of the wheel wells, as these areas are most exposed to the road and least often cleaned. This can make it difficult to spot rust that can cause hazards including structural failure. Exhaust systems and mufflers, which are usually made of thinner metal, can corrode and fall away completely. Coil springs and suspension are also susceptible to corrosion damage, just like brake components and the car frame itself.

While areas with high annual snowfall need road salt to keep commerce moving during winter weather, treating streets and roadways with such a damaging compound will have negative effects. On top of a decrease in the property and resale value of vehicles, buildings, and other items damaged by rust and corrosion, the realization of these factors may cause fewer people to want to move to and settle down in these areas. This can have a harmful cyclical effect on the economy and prosperity of a town and the people who live there.

Bust Through the Salt with Elephant

Luckily, there is a way to fight back against the damage caused by salt corrosion. Washing your vehicle thoroughly and often clears away accumulated salt and can increase the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Storing your car in a secure and well-built garage or carport from us at Elephant is also a great way to protect your investment from the hazards of winter. Our buildings can be customized to fit the needs of any customer and all structures come with free shipping and installation. Check out our selection and read our blog to see why choosing a building from Elephant is the best choice.

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