RV Carport Covers are the Best Way to Protect Your Investment

RV’s are a lifestyle choice, and for most a serious investment. They represent adventure, comfort, and convenience. For people who have had an RV for a while it can represent many memories and travels. Whether you’ve spent a lot of time in your RV or whether or not you intend to maintaining the interior and exterior is an extremely important. Purchasing an RV Carport cover may be the best solution for you, so we want to express a few ways that an RV Carport cover can help you.

When you’re on the road your roof is always exposed, and it is the first place to receive the most damage. The vinyl will crack and fade, along with the paint and ultimately the shine of your RV on top. This extends to your sides and eventually all of your RV over time, and will result in aging your vehicle tremendously. RV’s have to be on the road or sitting exposed if you don’t have them covered. Whenever you get the opportunity you should keep you RV covered. When you aren’t on the road the RV carport cover is the best method for protecting your RV.


Over time, the roof of the RV or motor-home will begin to show signs of age first due to constant exposure to the elements. The sun’s UV rays and ozone in the air begin to age all of the exterior finish but the roof is usually the first to show signs of exposure. Paint will begin to fade and any rubber or vinyl on the unit’s exterior will begin to crack and break down. When possible, it’s always best to shelter or cover the RV or motor-home.

Your RV Carport Cover Options

If you’re considering RV Storage in your non-traveling months, we would like to caution you. RV Storage may seem to be something affordable and maybe even convenient, but over time there is no RV Storage plan that is as affordable or convenient than purchasing an RV Carport cover. The best method for full protection is an RV Carport cover that has fully enclosed sides and a garage door for easy access.

We have three styles for RV Carport covers:

  1. Regular – The regular roof is our tier one roof that has rounded corners and overhangs on each side of the eave.
  2. Boxed Eave – The boxed eave has an angled roof and a pointed eave that slopes down with overhangs on each side of the eave that do not curve down
  3. Vertical – The vertical roof is angled like the boxed eave, but the vertical panels run down from left to right instead of front to back like on the regular and boxed eave roofs

Elephant Structures works with our engineers to make the best RV Carport Covers we possibly can. Our RV Carport covers stand the test of time, so  you can stay on the road for as long as possible, and you don’t have to constantly worry about the beating sun and severe weather. If you’ve got questions about severe weather options, check out our builder or call in for a free consultation with a building advisor. If you’ve got a special request for installation requirements or unique specifications issue a custom form here to get a response from one of our building professionals. We always offer free installation and delivery unless the building is a unique custom order. Go with Elephant if you want to protect your RV!

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