Metal Carports Protect Your Vehicle From Acid Rain

Believe it or not, weather isn’t the same as it used to be. Find protection from damaging acid rain and sweltering summer heat under one of our metal carports.

Protect your car from acid rain with one of our metal carports!

The Consequences of Carelessness

Over the past decade, climate change and global warming have become everyday topics of conversation. While some people continue to deny it or claim that it is some sort of hoax, the best choice is to accept and adapt. Scientists have found definitive evidence that these changes in global weather are being caused by human activity dating back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Aside from rising temperatures due to the greenhouse effect, we are already seeing global issues created by our environmental practices. Environmental degradation and destruction is being caused by acid rain, a atmospheric weather phenomenon that can impact entire forests and damage man-made infrastructure.

What is Acid Rain?

The EPA defines acid rain as a “broad term referring to a mixture of wet and dry (deposited material) from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids.”

Pollution from factories, vehicles, power plants, and other sources collects in the atmosphere and is trapped by falling rainwater, dew, snow, or any other sort of precipitation. The falling liquid becomes more and more acidic as it encounters particles of this matter. When it lands, acid rain can damage soil, harm plants and animals, and weaken stone and metals.

Is Your Car Safe?

According to the EPA, damage on vehicles is caused when the acid material is left behind on a car’s surface after the water evaporates. Combined with sunlight and other elements, the acidic compound can be strong enough to eat through the paint of the vehicle and eventually soften the metal. Clear Coat surfaces are the worst affected, as their shiny mirror-like surface can highlight defects. Aside from ruining the look and resale value of your vehicle, acid rain can even cause structural damage if exposure is persistent enough. The easiest way to avoid the headaches and stress associated with this dilemma is to protect your car with one of our high-quality metal carports.

Protect your car from acid rain with one of our metal carports!

Metal Carports and Shelters From Elephant

Built with American sourced steel and designed to last for generations, all of our metal carports and buildings come with free delivery and installation on your prepared site. Thanks to our online build tool, you can customize a metal building to best fit your needs and budget. Call today to get started and explore our blog to learn more about our metal carports and shelters.

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