Metal Shelters and Winter Motorcycle Maintenance

That dreaded time of year has arrived – winter. As the temperatures drop and snow and ice begin to grace our roads every morning, now is the best time to consider purchasing a metal carport or garage from Elephant. Protecting all of your vehicles from the elements is vital in maintaining the value of your investments. If you’re getting ready to store your motorcycle until the weather warms up next spring, we have a few tips for you.

For starters, invest in one of our metal shelters so that all of your motorcycles and other vehicles will be safe from Old Man Winter. Next, take the time to perform a few maintenance tasks on your motorcycle before the cold sets in. This will help ensure that your motorcycle will start up with no problems come spring: saving you time, money, and a trip to the repair shop.

Invest in a metal carport or garage to help store and maintain your motorcycle!

Engine Oil

The first thing you should do is change the oil in your bike’s engine. Even if it is not due for an oil change, byproducts of combustion produce acids in the oil which can harm the inner metal surfaces. Start the motorcycle and warm the engine before you begin; warm oil drains faster and more completely. While you are doing this, be sure to change the oil filter and check for any leaks.


The battery must be removed from your motorcycle while it is in storage. This can help to prevent any electrical fires and keep your battery from draining. During the winter, you can either maintain the old battery by safely charging it every few weeks or so, or you can start the year fresh with a new battery.


Be sure that your tires are inflated to the maximum recommended pressure. Rubber is flexible, but cracks when it freezes. Keeping the tires completely full is the easiest way to ensure that they will still be good for next season. Also, consider placing a wooden board under each wheel – this will elevate the tires off of the freezing concrete floor and keep them from being damaged.

Fuel System

Next, you should take care of your fuel system. Empty the tank and fill it with fresh fuel, leaving enough room for the gas to expand without overflowing when the temperature rises. Shut off the fuel and drain the carburetors and fuel lines. Add winterizing fuel conditioner to prevent the gas from going stale during it’s long wait. Stale fuel can be thicker and more gummy than good fuel, which can clog up vital engine components if maintenance is ignored.

Exhaust and Mufflers

Exhausts and mufflers can rust very quickly when not in use. To protect them, spray a light coating of WD-40 into the muffler ends and drain holes. Carefully place a plastic grocery bag into the end of each muffler hole to keep out moisture. Then place another bag over the entire muffler to protect the outside from moisture and rust.

Exterior and Body

Take the time to wax the exterior of your motorcycle. It may seem silly since it is about to sit for months, but doing this helps seal out moisture and prevent rust. Spray other metal surfaces with a very light coat of WD-40 to protect them from corrosion as well.


Finally, change any fluids that may routinely need to be changed anyway. Since you are already performing this maintenance, you have the perfect opportunity to make sure that your motorcycle is totally ready to go once the snow melts. Remember, doing this now will save you money and time when you don’t have to visit the shop later.


Invest in a Metal Carport or Garage

Maintaining and protecting your motorcycles and cars is something that everyone should take seriously. If you’re in the market for a metal carport or garage, make the smart choice and purchase from us at Elephant. All of our metal buildings are manufactured and assembled with great attention to detail and quality. Use our online build tool to create the best building for you and your needs. Whatever your vehicle storage needs, Elephant has the right metal carport or garage for you.

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