Why You Should Make Your Greenhouse Out of a Metal Shelter

We’ve written about why our steel is sustainable before here, but did you know it’s possible to create a great greenhouse using one our metal buildings? It seems our country is moving to produce a greener economy, but if you prefer an area to grow plants in your home you don’t have to wait. A green house can be an area that grants you solace from the urban jungle, and our building are customizable in such a way that you can create an efficient one at an affordable rate.

The primary principle of a greenhouse is the openness to light. The plants need sunlight, and they need warmth. A normal greenhouse remedies this by having transparent walls and gives the plants an ideal area. It may seem like metal is not a good idea for a greenhouse, but consider this:

  • Weather does not effect steel in the way that it effects most other materials. With steel, expansion and contraction due to the different weathers is minimal and doesn’t damage the greenhouse like it would normally
  • The longevity of steel is nearly unparalleled in the construction business
  • Fires are not nearly as dangerous to metal structures, and your green plants will survive!


How to Use a Metal Shelter as a Green House

Here are some steps you should consider following in order to make your metal building in to the perfect greenhouse for years to come.

  • We always recommend concrete to create a foundation, but some people may want to go with timber in the case of building a greenhouse. This will give your greenhouse a more organic feeling, but concrete is better for metal due to reliability, predictability, and uniformity during installation.
  • The frame of the metal building is great in any style. The roof we recommend would definitely be the vertical, as it will add strength and some rain directional properties. You could even set up a rudimentary system to harvest the rain if you know where the framing is going to orient the flow of water.
  • Make sure you get a building with enclosed walls, but if you opt to cut for frame-outs in the roof or on either of the ends you can get some aftermarket clear panels in order to let light in. Then, if your plastic panels ever get damaged then you can easily replace the plastic panels.
  • Some customers simply order the frame and then cover the building in plastic panels  or some sort of clear material. This works extremely well, and our frames without paneling can come at a discount, although they have to be custom ordered.

If you’re interested in purchasing a carport call in today to talk with a building advisor and get a quote on your greenhouse. We offer free installation and delivery on all of our product, although we don’t install other materials we don’t sell in order to maintain safety and professionalism with our team of installers. Let us know what you need, and we’ll get a building manufactured for you right away!

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