Certified vs. Non-Certified

If you’ve spoken to one of our Metal Shelters experts over the phone or through e-mail, you may have had them ask you if you’re interested in a certified structure. What exactly is a certified structure, and what is the difference between it and our standard buildings?

A certified structure has a frame that is built of our extra-strength 12-gauge galvanized steel. 12-gauge is 30% thicker than its standard 14-gauge counterpart and comes with an additional warranty that the 14-gauge does not have. That being said, our 14-gauge frame is still an excellent, strong choice for those who do not need or want to certify their building.

Certified buildings are also different, in that they have a minimum wind rating starting at 80 mph and a snow-load rating starting at 20 lbs per square foot. Depending on your geographic location, you may wish to increase these ratings, so it is great to know that certified buildings have the ability to be rated up to a 150 mph wind rating and a 60 lbs per square foot snow rating. This is something worth mentioning up-front to your Metal Shelters expert when placing your order.

Typically, our customers choose a certified structure when they are in need of a building permit to have their purchase constructed. Often, states will require engineered drawings of buildings that are being constructed, and these drawings come free of charge when you choose an Elephant certified structure. Whether or not you need a building permit is dependent upon your geographical location, and it is best to check with your county officials in order to determine if there is such a need.

If you’re still confused about the difference between a certified structure and a non-certified structure, feel free to give one of our Metal Shelters experts a toll-free call at 855-CAR-PORT. They’re here to help, and they would love to talk you through any questions you may have!


*Additional charges may apply for certified or site-specific drawings pending the requirements of your local jurisdiction having authority when constructing a structure on your property. Please consult a building advisor to verify any additional costs or if there are any required fees for certified plans in your area. This may vary depending on your state and the location of your construction site. If you place an order online, your order will be reviewed to ensure your order complies with your area. You will be contacted about any additional fees that may apply once your order is processed.

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