Steel Park Shelter Location Ideas

A steel park shelter is a great resource for organizations or parks departments looking to attract more people to certain areas. As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” People love park shelters because they offer space to gather, whatever the weather.

Green Steel Park Shelter by Elephant Metal Shelters

Pick a Strategic Spot for Your Steel Park Shelter!

By strategically choosing a space for your steel park shelter, you can ensure that people visit where you want them to visit, and that you will provide adequate shelter in the places that people already love to frequent.

Be sure to put a steel park shelter around any playgrounds that you may have! Playgrounds mean children, which mean family or group gatherings. Large groups and families will appreciate the space to be able to get out of the rain, have a family picnic lunch out of the sun, or just be able to sit in the shade and relax in the middle of playtime.

Another great place for a steel park shelter is around any bodies of water your property may have. Waterfront is great for swimming, fishing, skipping rocks, boating, and is just a natural people-attractant. Give people a covered space to enjoy the water without being exposed to extreme sun and weather. Your shelters will also be appreciated by storm lovers that enjoy watching water churn in the event of heavy rain.

Finally, make sure there is at least one steel park shelter near your parking lots. Often, people just want to hop out of the car and eat when they get to a park. Carrying coolers full of drinks and heavy picnic baskets can be a burden on your patrons. The less they have to walk, the better!

Make sure you put enough trashcans in your shelters and have employees to come and remove the trash periodically. Avoiding litter by encouraging the proper disposal of waste is just that easy.

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