Metal Carport Buildings and Prices

Metal Carports are becoming the most affordable method of creating quality storage on your property. Carports are being used as houses, vehicle storage, live stock habitats, and depending on your customization requirements, even RV Storage. Most people aren’t aware of the plethora of uses Carports are being used for. Their pricing and customization options can leave people transfixed by the sheer amount of choices, but we’re here to simplify things for you.

When creating a carport, there are a few basic options most people start with. There are essentially three different styles of carports that we offer. The first is the Regular, which has rounded eaves and our most basic roof paneling. The Boxed Eave version has angled peaks and edges, a 6″ overhang on each side and paneling that lines horizontally on top. The Vertical style carport has vertical paneling, which aids in the flow of water down the sides of the carport and a hat channel which extends the durability of the carport significantly.

The Regular

Picnic Shelter by Elephant StructuresRegular – Arched roof built with horizontal panels

The Boxed Eave

steel carportBoxed-Eave – A classic roof, with horizontal panels

The Vertical

Carports by Elephant Metal Shelters are VersatileVertical – Same as the boxed eave, but built with vertical panels for natural flow of rainfall and better overall durability

A large amount of metal carport buildings are being customized into RV Carports. You can see in the images above custom paneling in the form of drop down panels, 45 degree frame-outs, and fully enclosed utility sheds with walk in doors and roll up garage doors. One of the most common methods for creating an RV Carport is to have a tall building, usually 14′ high with drop down panels or fully enclosed walls to protect windows and the large sides of the RV from debris. Our buildings are also commonly ordered as kits. The kits are fabricated at the manufacturer, and shipped to your location for self installation. We recommend letting our professional crews deliver and install for free, but we also understand some customers want their own personal touch. When installing a carport, we highly recommend installing on concrete, but our buildings can be installed on almost any level surface.

These are a few of our most basic options for metal carport buildings, but when it comes to metal carport prices, we recommend using our builder. The first thing you see when you come to our website is a window to input your zip code for instant local pricing. Each option you choose will immediately change your pricing to accommodate your customization options. If you want to come back later to customize your building, you can keep your place by using your BuildID. The BuildID is generated after you change each option on your building. It’s the string of digits below the structure summary. You can input your BuildID by scrolling to the bottom of the page and inputting it in the submit BuildID code form.

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