Prepare for Disaster With a Metal Shelter

It seems that over the past decade, the Doomsday prepping movement has exploded across the country. Everybody who invests their time and money into the task of preparing for the apocalypse seems to have a different reason. From storm protection to the possibility of civil unrest or invasion by an external enemy, prepping has cast a wide net over the American public.

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Harmful Effects of Road Salt on Your Car

Once the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling, you are sure to see roads being treated with brine and salt. Meant to lower the freezing point of water to prevent ice from building up on roads, salt has been used to clear roads for decades. Road salt and brine mixtures are a cheap solution with significant benefits that are quick and easy to apply to road surfaces.

Without question, treating roadways in this manner has saved countless lives and millions in property damage caused by vehicle accidents. However, safe driving does come at a cost.

Protect your car from the dangers of road salt!

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